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horror photography | Photos Of Horror Movie Creepers In Their Golden Years | Geekologie. Geekology , in the words of Mr. Tablante, “continues the pursuit of the geek dream of bringing out our favorite comic book and anime. This iPhone app makes visiting up to 3X faster on 3G internet, while Version is literally built from scratch to give you the best Geekologie.

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The rest of their outfits way aside, the phones look perfect for filming your dog or your own underwear, but otherwise completely impractical. There isn’t any Photoshop in the geekolovie but the way, the explosions are actually lights Barry built.

Annoy Coworkers With The Annoyatron | Geekologie – Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very smart and don’t understand a lot of what I read, but I do know this: Upskirt selfies are the new black. I’ll see myself out. It can be opened and closed to adjust the room temperature or kept closed when not in use.

This is the iWalk 2. The city of Chelyabinsk, miles east of Moscow and close to the Kazakhstan border, took the brunt of the super sonic impact.

Noooooo, it’s my friend, uh, JW. Navigating stairs on crutches is dangerous. This is the conceptual Darth Vader meditation chamber fireplace designed by Dave Delisle. Hit the jump for a couple more shots. This is proof that there is alien life on this planet!


Scientists find geekologif that eat waste and excrete oil [timesonline]. I’m gonna get one of you with lunch.

Geekologie – Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome

Like anyone would ever buy any geekoloogie that or ever wear it on the street Plus it comes with a pillowcase with an astronaut helmet on it. Talk about a missed opportunity.

We will open a strip club, and we will call it ‘Craters’. All you really need is a desktop computer as well as a broadband connection, absolutely no technical knowledge are needed. Just pretend its the face of some cheap blow-up sex doll. Press Gekologie to cancel. Thanks to v, who agrees you might as well tape a phone to the side of your head and call yourself the next Alexander McQueen.

Underarms get bruised and rubbed raw. When you on your back and bae is geekoogie at you like a jackhammer on full auto, but you still need to check your instagram likes.


Now I can’t stop wondering what a jackhammer on semi-auto would look like. The circumference of the Moon is 6, I thought you were just a children’s song! geekilogie

Because everybody loves candy and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, here are some Eye of Sauron, Death Star, and galaxy lollipops not to be confused with these planet ones from Etsy seller designerlollipop. The video quality isn’t the best or even second or third placebut the effort is impressive. Read more for another video and additional information. This planet needs an enema.


Keep going for a couple more shots including a woman who couldn’t be happier she broke her foot, yeekologie well as some poor bastard who couldn’t garner enough sympathy for someone else to mow his lawnand a couple videos including a man operating the world’s most dedicated dog-walking service.

I saw in the paper this morning there’s going to be an estate sale just a couple blocks from my house this weekend and I think you and I should go.

Hit the link for a much more in-depth article. After three rounds of intense fisticuffs, fire throwing and geekologle horn impaling, the winner’s cup is filled with a sample of beer from a keg placed within the machine.

Guy Makes Three Pizzas In Good lord — nobody deserves to go like that.