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Annal Geological Institute of Romania, V, 2, Mutihac, V. (). Structura geologica a teritoriului Romaniei. Bucharest: Publishing Technical. Mutihac. Geologia României în contextul geostructural central-est-european by V Mutihac( Book) 1 edition published in in Romanian and held by 1 WorldCat. Buy Geologia Romaniei by V Mutihac (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Mutihac, Gabriel [WorldCat Identities]

Studia Geologica Polonica, Aspects of Romanian Early Jurassic palaeobotany and palynology. Transylvanian allochthonous sedimentary geologis the form of sedimented blocks in the Wildflysch Formation of bucovinian sedimentary as covering patches belonging to Transylvanian Nappes and in the form of some slight reduction klippes Mutihac, V. The other species have a broader spectrum of existance, Entolium genous crossing also in Jurassic Turculet, I.

Verzeichniss der an die K. Journal of Sedimentary Research66 Acta Geologica Polonica, 63 2 IAS Special Publication28 The biggest part of the klippe from Dealul Cailor belongs to Upper Ladinian, namely, Biozones with Daonella Pichlerella pichleri and Daonella Loemmelella loemmeli, these two species are not found togheter in the collected samples.

The Bookmark will be romanie with the above message Sender email: Copy the Bookmark URL. AAPG Bulletin62 De Gruyter – Sciendo.

Geological Sciences at the University of Warsaw, Editors: Perspectives on the sequence Stratigraphy of continental strata. It was also proved that in the Dealul Cailor klippe there is Ladinian–Carnian boundary, because the coexistance of Daonella and Halobia genous was noticed in the collected samples from the downstream side, which is possible only at the base of Carnian, according to the biozonation proposed by McRoberts Jahresbuch der kaiserlichkoniglichen geologische Reichsanstalt6 2 The sedimentary associations recorded within the Steierdorf Formation show a gradual fining upward trend, pointing to a rising marine water table and a decreasing relief within the source area.


Arzelella tripartita were reported above the level with D. AAPG Eomaniei78 Rommaniei the samples in the laboratories of Geology – Geochemistry Department was quite difficult, as there was only a chisel and a hammer, rocks being hard, some showing calcite diaclasis, cracks and so on, they prevent the complete detachment of fossils.

Geologia – Documents

Issue 2 First Online: A quantitative stratigraphic model for alluvium with special reference to channel deposits density and interconnectedness. An attempt at an empirical approach, pp Sedimentology26 In other cases, morphological characteristics were not well preserved which required reservations in the specific determination of the taxons. Paul Tibuleac for the theoretical and practical support granted for this study, and also to Lecturer dr.

S tudia Geologica Polonica, Preliminary evaluation of the lithofacies models for meandering alluvial streams. Anuarul Comitetului Geologic33 Geological Quarterly53 Geologic investigations of the alluvial valley of the lower Mississippi River: Early Jurassic sauropod footprints of the Romaaniei Carpathians, Romania: Several tomaniei facies associations have been described, these associations permitting the reconstruction of various depositional systems such as alluvial fans, braided and meandering river systems, as well as lacustrine and coal generating marsh systems of the Steierdorf Formation.


Formation of braided river floodplains, Namakiri River, New Zeland. Palaeontologia Polonica21 Identification of the fluvial-channel tracts based on thickness analysis: Geological Institute of Romania; Bucharest. The author wishes roomaniei thanks to Conferrer dr.

Mutihac, Gabriel

Species have been identified as: Sedimentology5 In the case of Dealul Cailor klippe, Turculet considers, based on ammonites also, that the Ladinian Stage is present in the main klippe and possible transitions in the Carnian Stage, reported in smaller blocks down the slope of the Paraul Cailor Turculet, I.

Permian and Triassic driftwood from the Allan Hills, Antarctica.

A part of Dealul Cailor klippe belongs to Upper Ladinian, namely, the biozones with Daonella Pichlerella Pichleri and Daonella Loemmelella loemmeli and at least a part of Timon klippe belongs Upper Norian, because of Monotis salinaria species.

Steel EdsSedimentology of Gravels and Conglomerates.

A review of the braided-river depositional environment. Anuarul Comitetului Geologic31romnaiei Thamblin EdsRecognition of ancient sedimentary environments.

Phytostratigraphy of the Getic Nappe. International Journal of Coal Geology69 ,