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GEORGI STANKOV – ON ASCENSION Georgi Stankov – Ascension Through Constant Creation – You will now Experience the Reality you are Creating in your. Posts about Georgi Stankov written by Higher Density Blog. View the profiles of professionals named Georgi Stankov on LinkedIn. There are 20+ professionals named Georgi Stankov, who use LinkedIn to exchange.

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For most humans it will be a new experience srankov we reach this threshold. This part of humanity is hopelessly dependent on this world control system.

Ztankov speak about our true nature to command the light and that this is our time now to consciously do this. Das Universalgesetz im Spiegelbild der Philosophie.

Even today there is a huge wave of pecuniary fears of impoverishment based on the anticipated crash of the financial system that is being processed by all incarnated human souls at the subconscious level. The presence of these energies are clues to a further deepening of societal instability. Likewise, this part of humanity has distanced itself more and more from its true inner nature and the true nature of Mother Earth so that this part of humanity cannot anymore imagine a life in harmony with the inner and outer nature without modern technology.

I am a Bulgarian developmental and social psychologist, with interests in intercultural communication, environmental psychology, and community psychology. When they will be installed, or rather superimposed over this reality they will create a new reality at the moment of Frapture. Let us hope that now we shall see some big collapses as humanity seems to be ripe for them before we can move to the 5D.

As the fear-based energies of the Earth are released by each and every one of you, it is your priority and keen sense of responsibility that demands of you your utmost strength of character to flood these feelings and thoughts with a bevy of divine light that surrounds you in infinite beauty, and in every moment. This new spiritual centre will be at the same time the global hub for the development and introduction of new technologies associated with the New Theory of the Universal Law.


It will collapse when parallel to the default of all fiat currencies and financial institutions their reliance and functionality entirely on electronic systems is suddenly interrupted.

This process has been reversed since the first harmonic convergence in and especially since the PAT opened the stargate Today I was hit by the most powerful wave I have ever experienced in terms of intensity and higher frequencies.


After all what is ascension? Hence we must first change all our old habits and, as old habits die hard, it affords quite a discipline and resolution at the individual level to make this fateful U-turn. Stnkov long as we do not begin to fully believe that we can single-handedly change our reality and ascend through a conscious decision and action, we will not experience it.

When most of the humans will ascend to the new 4D worlds, for them these worlds will be like 5D in stahkov of all the new energetic conditions and possibilities they will encounter there.

Georgi Stankov – Higher Density Blog

The Ascension triad of the western dtankov is complete and activated. I have dreamt of codes in the sky several times too! This wave is, however, the biggest of all. These worlds exist since when we first created them in the new Golden Galaxy and actually already intercept with this reality. It is important to note that we had to transform the chakra system of the masses before we can shut down the electronic systems and subsystems of the financial flows of Orion currencies that determine the behaviour and life of all humans on this planet.

This site uses cookies. The PAT is just like that. Some ways to use toys, drawings and handmade masks in individual psychodrama [in Bulgarian] more.

The successive blackouts of subsystems will result in energetic gaps which will be filled from inside by information, programs, energies inducted by the Source of All-That-Is. The bird is the world. But as of recently we have forgotten to consider the second essential level of the financial system which is the electronic networks based on the electricity of dense matter upon which the fraudulent fractional reserve banking and the creation of unlimited virtual derivatives and other obsolete financial instruments function and rely upon in the first place.


Staankov continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This kind of rapid ascension srankov never been done before and is considered the greatest adventure in the annals of all incarnated civilisations throughout space and time.

The message confirms our perception of a highly unusual set of waves that are steady, powerful, and even very colorful at times.

GEORGI STANKOV – Higher Density Blog

This message conveys to me that the Elohim are leaving hints about other themes, themes that have come up in a healing meditation with our friend Julia two days ago. The shift from 4D to 5D is the ultimate act of liberation from self-imposed limitations to full energetic liberation that will eliminate the current restrictions of gravitation, linear space and time based on the finite speed of light, which are illusions we as souls have deliberately created in the current incarnation experiment in order to experience the artificial georhi of geirgi being sovereign creator beings, which is the normal state of existence throughout the multiverse from the 5D and beyond:.

And more — we are active dream detonators.

This is the only way how we can overcome this illusory holographic matrix and move to 5D. The author presents the state’s key strategic documents which are directly pertinent to UTA and researches the UTA phenomenon on geoggi worldwide scale. One of them is a boy named Orlando. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Petersburg, that is, key metropolises of the so-called Western world control order affected by such a system-relevant power breakdown.