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GMW 3103 PDF

GMW › Complete Document History General Specification for Electrical/ Electronic Components and Subsystems, Electromagnetic Compatibility Global. GMW, GMW and GMW (All three documents of specifications that apply to GMW EMC test The GMW EMC Test Plan (Appendix B). These requirements have “gone global” in the form of GM Worldwide (GMW) EMC .. GMW – Validation Acceptance Process (EMC Control Plan).

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Modifications, alterations, internal part swaps, hardware and software changes are not considered carryover and must be validated according to the requirements.

Traces are required to be symmetrical to each other or balanced with little trace length. Turn off via software any and all? Use SMD components with very short traces to the?

GMW 3103:2015

Nothing in this standard supercedes applicable laws and regulations. Alert me in case of modifications on this product contact us. Use resistor dividers, not diodes, to set reference voltages when necessary.

Test results obtained from testing prior to test plan approval shall not be published in a validation report. The connections between the DUT and the simulator. In some cases, it may make sense to select a specific sample for test that represents the entire DUT family. DUT face with connectors perpendicular to coils, harness parallel to coils.


If multiple part numbers, identify which vehicles part numbers are used. Zener Power Supply B4. Interaction with other vehicle systems and interfaces, including all connector pins and their function, as well as anticipated packaging information. If these slew rates described above are not met, o Provisions for active control of the transition edges e.

Connector pin assignment is important when working with twisted harnessing. Part Number contains common electronics with Provide justification if all samples of the DUT are not subjected to the same test condition. This reduces the stray capacitance between the power structure and ground structure and enhances the performance of the current starving device resistor, inductor, or ferrite bead. PCB to Case connections may need to be made only near the vehicle interface connector, not at all 4 corners.

List all individual pins, case discharge locations, discharge type, simulator voltages, discharge network type and a description of the pin signal. This does not work if noise source is within the same distance of largest aperture. List all individual lines or pins pulled up to battery, switched battery e.

Actual hardware samples or physical mock-up for visual examination is desirable but not required. A detailed schematic of all power and ground connections used within the simulator.


Shipbuilding and marine structures For the following RE 3. All test reports shall include the following elements in addition to the report elements specified in each section: Refer to Figure A1 in Appendix A.

P is used, these recommendations may not be necessary.

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gma The analog properties of the bus electrical signal e. Tables A7, A8 and A9 should be used to provide this information. Passenger vehicles, light duty trucks and medium duty trucks. Log In Sign Up. If using a 2 layer board, fill all open space with ground plane or grid with many vias.

For data buses, this may mean splitting the capacitor value between devices. EMC Lessons Learned should be reviewed and considered prior to the hmw electrical design and layout of the product.

The body of the connector should make reliable connection to the ground plane. EMC Test Reports if available. For this situation, the motor case shall be connected to the motor winding via a small ceramic capacitor 1 nF, typical.

The connections between the battery and the artificial networks AN.