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Meditating on the last discussions and postings, Tau Malachi, i came out with this questions: As you wrote in the postings about the Wisdom of. Find great deals for Gnostic: Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah 2 by Tau Malachi (, Paperback). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Shop our inventory for Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah by Tau Malachi with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!.

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The World-To-Come is the new heaven and earth, and new humanity, ushered in by the advent of the Messiah, and it has come and is coming, so that even now there are those among us who live in the World-To-Come, while as yet we await the World-To-Come, the Second Coming or Age of the Holy Spirit.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah by Tau Malachi

The ruach and nefesh that embody our neshamah in full, and that realize the greater potential of hayyah and yechidah that are in her, exist in eternal life, being uplifted in the Great Resurrection and Ascension — we see this with Adonai Yeshua, for example, for embodying his holy neshamah in full, his ths and nefesh continue beyond his death; he abides forever, and in eternity, among cosic living ones, the immortals — the holy ones of the Order of Melchizedek.

So i thought and had this question: Here we may say that whatever potential goes unrealized, in effect, never existed, and as such it does not appear in the eternal realm, the Light Realm — when the universe passes into destruction in the End-Of-Days, so also does the possibility of its realization, and so it has been said that there are souls whose names do not appear in the Book of Life, and therefore that pass into the second death, the great destruction.

Thats why i found very boring the “dialogue” between Krishnamurti and Trungpa Rinpoche In mentioning the reality of evil at the level of Beriyah, it must be said that evil is not seen as having an independent existence apart from God, as nothing whatsoever can exist in complete separation from God’s presence and power.

But the full fruition of these practices and wisdoms is only realized at the Supernal levels.

In a lifetime focused on the realization of ruach, this process is taken much further, for the greater intelligence, talents and uniqueness of the soul is developed and evolved, and the impact of its actions on others and the environment is far greater, extending much further than in the realization of the nefesh. Therefore, within and beyond what one sees is the sun itself. When the day arrives for us to meet with our Beloved and entertain love-play with out Beloved, who among us would forget that delightful day, so as not to remember and keep it?

The fact is, there is sorrow and suffering, and there is evil, so the question is: Ironically, in a Christian Gnostic view what is described is the worship of the demiurge, and this is true of much of what we often hear in fundamental and orthodox forms of Christianity, just as in Judaism, Islam and other exoteric faiths regarding heaven or the afterlife that is sought after.


These correspond with the ten Sefirot and suggest the idea of creature and creation as the revelation or expression of God and as the vessel receiving and imparting the divine presence-hence the body of God. This is reflected by the needs for teachings and spiritual transmissions at many and diverse levels, from mainstream exoteric religions to inmost esoteric and mystical traditions — these are all a raying out of the Light Transmission at different gradations, each according to the needs of the souls destined to it.

Description The noble idea of the Christian Kabbalah is not so much the worship of Jesus Christ, but rather a conscious evolution toward a divine or super-humanity. He received the oral tradition of Sophian Gnosticism from Tau Elijah, and has been a student and practitioner of Gnostic Christianity for over thirty-five years.

This book is a fascinating examination of Sophian Gnosticism and the Christian Kabbalah. See details for description of any imperfections. It is the awakened dreamer, and the one awakening from sleep and dream, realized being, that is the new development.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Binah –

We just don’t follow our karmic “footsteps” backwardsuntiding dhrist knots as in Laya Yoga. View shipping rates and policies Average Customer Review: Skip teh main content. Sasha Fleming rated it it was amazing Apr 26, That is very influencial in Gurdjieff’s work as well. Contact with something angelic is a link to the divine, as angels are links between human beings and God. Karen Talley rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Thus, to study and understand the Kabbalah in its proper context is to study and understand the Scriptures also.

Of course, on an energetic level nothing of souls is ever lost, but passing into destruction sparks of souls go out into countless other souls, and through the journey of other souls those sparks will eventually be uplifted and realized, reintegrated with the Light Continuum, Yahweh. I have also heard of an attribute of the harmony of the spheres to Netzach and Nogah-Venus due to the correspondence of creativity, inspiration, art and music and such to Netzach. Christianity Paperback Books in German.

In this way we may live in the eternal realm, the Pleroma of Light.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah

The high priest and the holy one og as the greatest prophet of Israel fell in this gnosi, which speaks to the plight of souls apart from the sanctuary of grace manifest by way of the Holy Cross and the revelation of the Risen Messiah. Martin, there seems to have been a profound Christian Kabbalah based upon a Supernal Realization, one very similar to our own — his teachings, for example, of Adam Kadmon as the demiurge hinting at a similar understanding of the Primordial, Cosmic and Indwelling Christ, and the play of Adam Kadmon asleep and dreaming, and awakening, and yet never sleeping, dreaming or awakening, but abiding awake, transcendent, all the while.


In terms of actual enlightenment and liberation, or full self-realization in Christ, this is Binah, the End-Of-Days, at the level of Atzilut — also called Eternal Life, for there is no end of life in Ain Sof, the Infinite, the Great and Bornless Spirit.

I liked the way she wrote about the 7 shemitot and how she relates that with the traditional 4 Olamot and the lelvels of the Soul. Llewellyn Publications January 8, Language: The pillar on the right is called the Pillar of Mercy and the pillar on the left is called the Pillar of Severity-the Pillars of Jachin and Boaz in the temple of King Solomon.

John in the Book of Revelation also addresses this, for according to his prophecy, until the End-Of-Days Satan and his minions have a place in the heavens, but with the coming of the Woman of Light and her Holy Child, who is taken up in divine rapture, a war breaks out in the heavens between Archangel Michael and Satan, and their hosts, Satan and his minions being cast out of the heavens.

Because of this intelligence and self-awareness, a human being is capable of conscious evolution toward higher states of awareness and more refined and higher forms of life-specifically, an evolution toward unification with God.

So it is in the unenlightened condition with the arising of afterlife experiences and the generation of incarnations — unconscious, there is no telling what will arise, fortunate or unfortunate.

Bob Couchenour rated it really liked it Feb 09, From this state of no-thingness Ainevery idea or category of existence gnksis be created, formed and made as though out of nothing; yet as everything comes from this no-thingness, it can also be called divine fullness.

Therefore, the level of Adam Kadmon corresponds to the holy letters from which the names are derived and, specifically, to the power of the word-wisdom of Bnosis of which the holy names of God serve as vehicles or channels. In this sense, Asiyah is the dimension most removed from God’s presence or the realm in which God’s presence is most restricted, and yet the presence of God gnoxis everywhere within creation at the level of Asiyah-within everyone and everything.


The meditative Kabbalah represents the teachings and practices of mystical prayer and prophetic meditation-methods through which one can enter cosmiic higher state of consciousness and experience unification with the off. In a similar manner, the outer teachings speak of five aspects of the soul, while the inner speak of twenty-five aspects, the secret venturing into the discussion of the essence and nature of the soul, hence the Melchizedek teachings on the soul.

Refresh and try again. Another characteristic of Atzilut is that knowledge, the knower, and the known exist in complete unity, so that there is no subject-object relationship and, in truth, no duality whatsoever.