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ISBN: OCLC Number: Description: pages ; 21 cm. Contents: The Number of His name — The beast from the . Genre/Form: Prophecies. Named Person: Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev; Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev. Material Type: Document, Internet resource. Robert W. Faid (April 30, – May 30, ) was an American author, numerologist and Has the Real Antichrist Come? On hearing Gorbachev! Has the.

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The name of our candidate in Greek has exactly the same theomatic value as the true Jesus Christ! SimpsonvilleSouth Carolina, United States. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But little academic or public acclaim came to Faid, perhaps because no one had previously realised that the identity of the Antichrist was a mathematical problem.

InFaid was awarded the Ig Nobel prize for Mathematics for calculating the exact odds ,,, to 1 [3] that Mikhail Gorbachev is the Antichristbased on his book Gorbachev! Faid was an agnostic in his early life and converted to Christianity after recovery from cancer. In the rarified world of mathematicians, certain problems become the focus of intense pursuit. Faid, Unwin, and God knows how many others give mathematicians faith that every problem, no matter how hard, can have some kind of devilishly simple solution.

Gorbachev is the actual man which John saw rising from the sea — the antichrist. In a chapter on the numberFaid writes: The odds that Gorbachev is actually the antichrist have also been calculated.

Devilish digits | Education | The Guardian

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It tells where each number comes ha, and how it enters into the calculation. The total probability of Gorbachev meeting all of the individual probabilities and hidden clues is calculated to be: This number, like the probability, is enormous.


Faid is a trained engineer. Over the years, many amateur mathematicians joined the professionals in trying their hand at this delightful yet maddening puzzle. Just a few months prior to the Chernobyl disaster, Christians in Kiev saw a bright light gorbacyev the northern sky coming from the direction of the nuclear power station.

The book reveals all the technicalities, and includes a handy spreadsheet for those anxious to try the calculations for themselves. Gorbachev Gormbacob equals exactlyor x 8 What an astonishing coincidence! Retrieved from ” https: This means that if you want to bet that Gorbachev is not the true antichrist, you will be betting against odds of seven hundred and ten quadrillion, six hundred and nine trillion, one hundred and seventy-five billion, one hundred and eighty-eight million, two hundred and eighty-two thousand, one hundred He died on May 30,due to cancer.

Devilish digits

According to the back cover, Robert W. Yet almost no one noticed. Recently another good and great mathematical problem was knocked off.

Using the standard known values for the Greek letters resulted in the following: He held a master’s degree in theology from Coatesville Bible College. Faid was not only a Christian American author, as a nuclear engineer, Faid held the honor of gobachev one of the top ten nuclear scientists until Has the Real Antichrist Come?

Except why transliterate “Gorbachev” as “Gormbachev”?

This page was last edited on 21 Juneat InRobert W Faid solved one of the oldest and most famous problems in mathematics. Fermat’s last theorem tantalised mathematicians until Andrew Wiles solved it in Faid closes his book with a note about the Chernobyl incident: Because you gornachev the extra 40 — the mu — to get to In retrospect, his accomplishment seems almost absurdly simple: He was one of the first Army Airborne Rangers.


Cracking the nut that was nearly two millennia old, Faid calculated the identity of the Antichrist. In conclusion, I want to go back to the Ukraine again, to the city of Kiev. Then a brilliantly colored rainbow formed around the fish. In the final chapter — “Is Hxs Really True? Topics Higher education Improbable research. He transliterated our candidate’s name in Greek for me. Eventually it became a favourite old chestnut, something to be wondered at, but antichrisst too difficult ever to yield up a solution.

Professional mathematicians find it difficult to argue with the logic. Antidhrist became a worldwide celebrity. Faid You don’t really want to buy this bookdo you?

He has been responsible for the development of patented processes to protect nuclear power plants against earthquakes and flooding.

I consulted also with Dr. There is no mystery to this. This is 1 in one quintillion, seven hundred and ninety-seven quadrillion, eight hundred and eighty trillion, three hundred and twenty billion In fact it has been on the books since about the year AD90, when the Revelation of St John brought it to public notice.

Has the Real Antichrist Come? Haken and Appel became instantly famous among mathematicians.