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Guardianes del día (Дневной дозор en ruso, trans. Dnevnoi dozor) es una novela literaria de fantasía del escritor Sergei Lukianenko y Vladimir Vasilev. Es el segundo libro de la pentalogía Guardianes precedido de Guardianes de la noche y sucedido por Guardianes del crepúsculo, Los últimos guardianes. Official Sites: Author Lukyanenko’s Official “Nochnoy dozor” Forum [Russia] | Fox [Spain] | See more» Also Known As: Guardianes de la noche See more». Guardianes de la noche / Night Watch by Serguei Lukyanenko at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Debolsillo –

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Speaking of the characters, excluding Anton, the majority of them are ridiculously underdeveloped. Anton must find him before the Day Watch arests him for the crimes they try to frame him. I’m enjoying this book, but I can’t figure out why Anton always says his boss’ full name, Boris Ignatievich?

They feed off human’s misery.

Realizing that he is luukyanenko bit player in a far larger show than he first thought, Anton tries as best he can to break out of the predictable paths that his superiors are relying on him to follow, which leads to a fair amount of madness in guarddianes streets of post-Soviet Moscow.

And I still don’t accept it now, despite all the times I’ve seen it proved right. This is an unfortunate stereotype propagated against the great peop You know, I’ve read this entire book and met quite a few Russians and I still don’t understand them though I think, as a nation and hodge-podge of ethnicities, they’re one of my favourites. Just look it up on the internet and pretend that you knew it all along like the adults do because this is a long book. Regardless of which side you take, or whether you even care about anything that goes on in that part of the world, the disgusting remarks by Mr.

Een strijd tussen goed en kwaad. Edit Did You Know? Anton is slightly flat as a character, but this book still had a great Moscow noir feel, and would have been good source material for some of those old In Nomine games.

Lukyanenko is a prolific writer, releasing usually books per year, as well as a number of a critical articles and short stories.

Guardianes del día

He understands that Svetlana is destined to become a great Sorceress but at what cost. Neither do I want to support them in any way. We get an continuous story in the book where we have same characters involved, but the author splits the story into three different situations, this keeps things fresh.


Finally, a book that was everything Lukyanwnko wanted to read at that moment: Our protagonist questions morals and purpose of authority figures. The Night Watch always means well, but some of their schemes go horribly wrong. Jun 01, Katy rated it it was amazing. To preserve the law.

Essenzialmente questo primo volume della serie ci introduce al mondo e ai personaggi, senza tuttavia mostrare tutto di essi. Anton is having what could be most closely defined as a crisis of faith; he feels that maybe the ends do not justify the means and that the Nightwatch is not acting in the best interests of humankind after all. Koldunya Darya Mariya Mironova The prologue of each sets the scene and then we go frolicking along as Anton tries to figure out what his boss is up to and what he’s supposed to do about it.

Lukyanenko doesn’t seem able to build tension. But even the most honest and simple cop, brought up on the stars-and-stripes ideals, will understand sooner or later that the streets have more than just Light and Dark. Anton has been with the Night Watch for five years, during which time he has seen very little if any field work, until now. It’s just that outside of her purpose as the detonator for Anton moral uprising, she doesn’t exist and fulfils little other niche.

Apparently the Russian version of this book has a great deal of humor in it – what I primarily perceived was a fairly melancholic air.

Guardianes De La Noche/ Guards of the Night

Communism, we are told, was a plan of the Light others gone wrong. This book is at the same time amusing and thought-provoking, consuminh and witty. He’s in a middle management sort of position in the Night Watch and you get the impression guafdianes he’s an underachiever. I’d dw to give the benefit of the doubt and put it down to a bad translation, because otherwise that’s just rubbish, arrogant writing. Magicians, shape-shifters, vampires, werewolves and who knows what else are trying to maintain a truce between the forces of Light and Darkness.


Simply for the reason that the Malorosses are a peasant branch of the a Russian people. The most that either side can do is police the other side to make sure they do not break the treaty.

Their accommodation is called into question when, for example, an uninitiated magician of the Light, who knows nothing of the two sides or the ancient agreement, begins killing Dark magicians.

Anton is an underachiever,reluctant to go into field work because he knows he’s not good at it. Amy Thanks for the added context regarding the author.

Night Watch () – IMDb

The events take place in the late nineties, when the allure of capitalism and the sad realities of it were colliding in Russian society, when idealism and enthusiasm of early nineties were hit by the harsh reality and had to meet cynicism and disappointment. The faith Light Magicians used to have when they sent entire armies to their deaths, and marched in the front ranks themselves?

With language that throbs like darkly humorous hard-rock lyrics about blood and power, freedom and guxrdianes, Night Watch is a chilling, cutting-edge thriller, a pulse-pounding ride of fusion fiction that will leave you breathless for the next instalment. But you can repeat this philosophy once or maximum twice in the book, you just can’t keep hammering the reader with this continuous dilemma which our night watch guys face, because its gets tiring after some time reading the same thing again and again.

To understand lukyanenio to forgive.

The art vs the artist had been com Amy wrote: But very quickly it takes a turn from magical adventures to moral dilemmas, questioning of Good and Evil, and blurring the distinctions between the Light lukyanenki the Dark.

These are the questions that Anton asks himself and it makes the stark contrast between Light and Dark seem very gray. He lives in Moscow with his wife Sonia and two sons, Artemiy and Danil, keeps mice as pets and enjoys cooking.