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Adapted and mºdified by the Gujarat Adaptation of Laws (State and Concurrent [2] Bombay Prohibition Act 25 of ) has gone beyond scope of directive laid. DownloadBombay prohibition act gujarat pdf. they complain that something is too cheery LOL Put them a little black and gray on the wall. Win. 7 does not. download new law of prohibition in free university Gujarat government announced new law & punishmemt. New provisions.

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Calcutta High Court The duty on toddy-producing trees shall be leviable primarily from the person holding the licence 3[to tap them and to draw toddy therefrom] and in default by him or if the trees are tapped without licence, from the owner of the trees.

Provided that no licence, permit or pass shall be necessary for the collection, transport, sale, purchase or possession within such area and during such period hereinafter called vacation period as the 149 Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, notify, of any quantity of mhowra flowers which shall be the produce of that year 4[and of that area]:.

From To 3.

The Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949

Having considered the rival contentions Provided that, in the absence of special and adequate reasons to the contrary to be mentioned in the judgment of the Court, such imprisonment shall not be less than six months and fine shall not be less than one thousand rupees:.

From To First published, after having received the assent of the Governor in the “Gujarat Government Gazette”, on the 2 nd December, In all trials for offences under this Act, the Magistrate shall follow the procedure prescribed in the Code of Criminal Procedure, 3 V offor the trial of summary cases in which an appeal lies.


Provided that, in the absence of special and adequate reasons to the contrary to be prohibiyion in the judgment of the court, such imprisonment shall not be less than three months and fine shall not be less than five hundred rupees; and.

Now, there can be no doubt that there is great force.

Explanation,”For the purpose of this section,– i the expression “Gram Sabha”, “Panchayat” and “Scheduled Areas” shall have the meanings, respectively assigned to them in the Bombay Village Panchayats Act, Bom. Himachal Pradesh High Court. Penalty for illegal import, etc. Provided that, in the absence of special and adequate reasons to the contrary to be mentioned in the judgement of the court,. Filter Filter through years using slider. Consumer Disputes Redressal 0.

Charge-Fresh charge on appreciation of evidence can be ordered to be framed prohobition the High Court in exercise of its appellate jurisdiction–Criminal Procedure Code Act II ofsecs. Shroff for the Respondent. The 3[State] Government may, grant special permits for the use or consumption of foreign liquor 4[to any person who is. Central Prohubition Tribunal The second limb of the contention related to that part of the impugned order which directed that the appellant and accused Nos.

In view of the rival submissions, and having regard to the nature of offence, the role attributed and the Board of Experts-5[ 1 6 [For the purpose of enabling the State Government to determine] whether a any medicinal or toilet preparation containing alcohol, or b any antiseptic preparation or solution containing alcohol, or c any flavouring extract, essence or syrup containing alcohol, 7[is an article fit for use as intoxicating liquor, the State Government shall constitute a Board of Experts.

Board Of Revenue, Uttarakhand 0. Every person who owns or occupies any land or building, or who is landlord of an estate residing in the village.


Full text of “The Bombay Prohibition (Gujarat Amendment) Act, “

Write a product review. Provided further that the purchase, possession or use of any liquor or alcohol for the manufacture of any 5[such article] shall not be made or had except under a licence granted under section 31 A. Practice–Supreme Court will not entertain a complaint on facts and interfere with a finding of fact by the appellate Court under Article of the Gujadat of India. When the duty on toddy-producing trees, is levied from the owner of the trees, he shall be entitled to assistance in recovering the same, from the holder of the licence under the provisions of the law for the time being in force relating to the proibition by superior holders of their dues from their tenants.

The High Court having failed to consider the merits of the acquittal. C any penalt forfeiture or punishment incurred in respect of am offence committed against any Acts so repealed. Gweroment Ccottij Press, Gtndhinigir, Bora.

download new law of prohibition in gujarati .pdf – Freeuniversity

The provisions of sections 80, 98, 99, 1,, Provided that, during any such vacancy the continuing members may act, as if no vacancy had occurred. XXII ofIncludes a reference to any law corresponding to those Acts, respectively, in force in any part of the State. Cases cited for the legal proposition you have searched for.