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Dune is the best selling science fiction/fantasy novel of all time. . Someone made a homebrew GURPS Dune splatbook which can be found. *originally intended for fanfic but cant as its not “legal”* Note: I wrote below before I realized it was not for distribution.(except bottom). This is a forum to discuss Frank Herbert’s marvelous Dune series.

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The less said about that, the better. Most hand-to-hand attacks are carefully timed impaling attacks with fencing-style weapons like the foil or the knife. Withdrawal of the spice from an addict results in insanity and eventual death due to the action of the breakdown products of K-K cells on other cells of the CNS. I’d suggest you see the movie as well, as it is also that bad awesome.

The Hypothesist would naturally provide his master with at least a two-place ranking of the likelihood of the interpretations he offered. He can become any indivivual he wishes to mimic.

Though the game ditched a standard campaign progression with the now familiar Risk-style campaign, it still had unique missions, and a unique campaign for all three sides.

Notable twisted Mentats include: Defensive shields react explosively upon contact with the coherent light of laser weapons. Fri possesses one moonlet. Crysknife The Fremen weapon of choice is the crysknife, a knife made from the tooth of a sandworm.

The game property was bought by Final Flight Games, but the owners of the Dune dunr said “no,” so FFG published the game using their Twilight Imperium setting as a prequel to that wargame.

I’m thinking savoir faire or, more likely, anthropology. Although Sapho amplifies speculation and extrapolation, it subjects its user to unpredictable outbursts of emotion or long periods of passivity. CHOAM is an economic body concerning trade profits which ties the various houses together dunne economic means, not unlick a contemporary corporation and its shareholders.

In the gurpd future, human civilization relies on “spice”, a drug that expands its user’s perceptions and triples the lifespan. Senior-rank Mentats are repeatedly warned that wavering is the first step toward the totally disabling Mentat-Freeze.


It cannot be used in conjunction girps ranged attacks, except gurpss particular cases like Knife Throwing and Guns Needler which represent specific techniques used to penetrate shields. The sandrider holds onto the hook and is carried to the top of the worm, where he mounts more hooks to direct the worm, opening rings along the side to turn the worm. Top ground speed The grim ecological and social conditions of Salusa Secundus forge the military prowess of the Sardaukar, who are master swordsmen and deadly unarmed combatants, comparable respectively to Ginaz tenth-level fencers and Bene Gesserit adepts.

Dune Characters Bene Gesserit The Bene Gesserit is known publically as a religious order, a mystic Sisterhood, which espouses a belief in in the supernatural control of the Great Mother. A decent beer-and-preztels game without being hurr durr dumb. Find More Eune by Edman. Relatively minor surgery produces a fold in the mons veneris in which the penis is hidden.

Considering Herbertian omnicompetence, points might be a proper starting point, or is it too high? Navigators are a highly specialized breed, and probably not suitable for PC’s.

Styles such as Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai are especially appropriate for their effective combat orientations. A benevolent Atreides government makes this planet a jewel of the galaxy.

Aerial Performance Vertol Flight Mode: It uses a modified Holtzmann wave to relay commands. This seemingly gaping hole in the technological fabric of the universe is filled by several elements, the most notable of which are the mentats.


Minor houses are limited to a planetary or smaller scale of local government. Accentuating this overpowering sense of well-being is the “semuta music” — rhythmic, atonal vibrations composed to affect the sympathetic nervous system — that accompanies the drug experience. The sliver is powered by a compressed suspensor field, which gives the operator the combined andvantages of speed the hunter-seeker can travel, in short bursts, at speeds in excess of kph [Move 28] and high manuverability.


Anyone attempting to navigate on Arrakis without one will become hopelessly lost unless extremely familiar with the surroundings. Maker Hooks Mechanical device of Fremen design and manufacture, used to mount and direct sandworms for transportation. Memorizers are able to repeat entire books from recall. Rules Variants Shield Fighting Personal shields have made almost all forms of projectile weapons completely ineffective for man-to-man combat.

Find More Posts by aesir I’m not sure about the worm taxi rides. A large male sandworm, goaded by Fremen, has a range of approximately miles before he stops due to exhaustion. The well done story took off right after the events of the last game namely, Padishah-Emperor Corrino is dead with no one to succeed him and thus the Spacing Guild and the Sisters avert a civil war by holding that whichever House can win a limited War of Assassins on Arrakis will be crowned Padishah-Emperor of the Known Universe.

The Personal Defensive Shields of the Dune Universe are not round projections of force, but full-body shields which permit objects to pass through them, only slowly.

GURPS Dune – how would You do it? – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Feudal Fief of House Harkonnen Starports: As such, the enigmatic Tlielaxu pose a potential threat to the delicate technological gurpz of the feudal Imperium. Geidi Prime Geidi Secondus Population Face Dancers Face dancers are specialized entertainer-spies from the planet Tleilax, the most famous of whom in Atreidean times was Scytale, would-be assassin of Paul Muad’Dib.

As for the voice, I think studying people happens fairly quickly, and it’d be difficult to adjust the times according to who you’re studying.

Normal TL9 medical technology, except for computerized diagnosis and treatment technologies.

Plains and Hills; some volcanic activity Mineral Resources: