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Apr 28, Guthrie Govan – Shawn Lane style licks lesson. When you want to play altered jazz guitar lines over a dominant 7th chord, there is an easy and efficient good option which consists of playing a major triad. [MEDIA] “There will never be another Shawn Lane” Govan did a series of lessons on Shawn’s style in a UK guitar mag a fw years ago iirc.

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Can you remember your reaction when you first saw a tommy emmanuel video? It’s something I actually enjoy listening to as music rather than as a display of talent.

Guthrie is just such an inspiration, especially with his words. Contact mods if you have a complaint. Could you post a couple links that show Frisell at his best? lessin

Shawn Lane – Lane’s Licks (by Guthrie Govan).pdf

I’m guessing I still haven’t…. We like to promote discussion. All three are a good place to start. Both have some fast finger movin’ but neither are primarily shredding songs. I need to start with some little musical nugget which fascinates me, and then I pretty much let the rest of the song write itself.


But thats just me. He can do it. It’s your typical Shasn “you disagreed with me, now you’re wrong no matter what, I’ll figure out how later”.

Oh you didn’t know?

Proves what such a humble character Guthrie is. Been a Satch fan since I was 5and he’s been stale for 2 decades and then some I’ve always thought that one of the signs of true mastery is when someone can make something difficult look like it should be easy.

Your content will be removed!!! Kesson, he had a unique tone and an sgawn vibrato — when he played a Hendrix lick, it sounded real.

Play country music Convincingly. Ive been alive to watch the rise of metal from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to now. Failing to follow this guideline will result in a thread removal. Want to add to the discussion? It’s going to be fun watching him for a very long time.

But you wont convince others of what they hear. Guthrie has very musical phrasing that sounds lne between a human voice and a saxophone. I’ll take Guthrie tho, just my opinion.


I know there are more schools of thought – but when it comes to little ones do it right IMO. I do think YouTube is a mixed blessing in some ways, though. After a long enough time you don’t get the same excitement you got from guitar and have to branch out to other instruments to keep getting the same high. It doesn’t mean any one thing. It looks like you are posting from an account with negative karma. It strikes me that when people buy music nowadays, they often do so almost as an act of charity.


Just a link does not help the cause. I would probably become infuriatingly philosophical and simply ask the player: Not totally my favorite style of music, but he’s ther only instrumental-rock type of player who can bring technical ability to musicality.

I generally avoid listening to too much instrumental guitar music — it can all start to feel a bit too much like work sometimes!