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Harold Bloom’s list of the Great Books from the Western Canon. Read a free sample or buy Il canone occidentale by Harold Bloom. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Information is endlessly available to us; where shall wisdom be found?” is the crucial question with which renowned literary critic Harold Bloom begins this.

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All of these approaches, says Bloom, seek to replace an aesthetic motive for a social or political one, and thus miss the point of literature. Aug 18, Nisah Haron rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Every reader should read this book.

Perhaps you’ll hate Bloom right away in the preface. Seriously, he’s so outraged with that term. He has his flaws, certainly.

Il canone occidentale – Harold Bloom – Google Books

The Western Canon is just so antiquated and conservative, in the very worst way. This volume is intelligent and vloom and verbose and circumlocutory and reveals so much that is interesting about great books without explaining anything about them. Bloom is intellectually demanding and I’m going to have to really take my time and read this book again slowly sometime. Why Not to Read This Book Harold Bloom definitely gets off on Shakespeare, and his decision on how good other writers are is based off the criteria of how Shakespearean they are.

If you, reader of this review, can make sense of the quote above, you will perhaps gain much by reading the book. Jun 05, Alejandro Teruel rated it liked it Shelves: And what can be more valuable than that? I would not shun a book simply because I do not agree with some of the opinions, anyway. If you think every possible minority and gender should receive equal exposure, I suggest you look at harild demographics of the people who write literature in any given period.


Consigliato al Club Amici di Shakespeare. Bloom is an important critic, obviously, but he made me cranky. View all 26 comments.

Insight, appreciation, a bit of knowledge. It sort of is, but Nov 12, Anthony rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The content of this page may belong to the author. So I read this occidentqle and, as I read, I felt as though I was in the company of an erudite and eloquent writer.

He is not here to make friends, he is here to inform us that we are incredibly under read and that we are reading for the wrong reasons. Yet the strongest, most authentic motive for deep reading of the now much-abused traditional canon is the search for a difficult pleasure This book is an exercise in love – a reader talking about what he loves to read and why, converted forcefully into a book on how and why another should read – and this I feel was the reason the book got all its bad reviews.

He is, for instance, baldly opposed to ALL feminist theorists and outright dismisses everything they say about anyone. But it is utterly pretentious of him to assume, as he constantly does, that he is the voice of Western culture. Since the publication of his first book inBloom has written more than 20 books of literary criticism, several books discussing religion, and one novel. Charles Dickens novel on the ravages caused by tuberculosis, Great Expectorations 3.

Clear your mind of cant. I sighed after I typed that out. That is what bloom demonstrates.

How to Read and Why by Harold Bloom

I don’t expect I’ll be reading any more of his work in the future. Although, hardly a phallic reference in any text is passed over unnoticed. View all 35 comments.

Sep 10, James rated it really liked it Shelves: It should include pieces that are from marginalized groups. I’ve read that other critics can tire of his Shakespeare-worship, and this book certainly supports that worship, but ultimately I find a lot of his chain-of-influence arguments compelling.


Works that fit into that mold at best is a simulacrum. To Bloom, reading for pure enjoyment is a waste of time, and is a regrettable condition into which our hzrold society has fallen. Anche su Mann e La montagna incantata Bloom non dice molto.

Il canone occidentale

Unfortunately, I cocidentale help to admire a man that has an extensive knowledge of literature. From HamletFreud draws much of the material he need to formulate the Oedipus complex. Since much of what he writes makes no sense to me, further reading of the book seems rather pointless, so this is one of the very few books I’ve started and not completed. Luckily for me, I did not go into it hoping for someone to teach me how to read or wondering why I should read, I am getting by well enough on those fronts; I went in hoping to discuss some of these great books and I got exactly that – a nice conversation with someone who loves books, the very best of pleasures that a reading life offers.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I may differ with him quite a bit, but Bloom is passionate about his reading. Hamlet is not even a case history if our thoughts are not at all our own. And I didn’t, for about six months.

He has edited hundreds of anthologies. If I tried to do that, I will have become Bloom himself.