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HD74LSP Specifications: Gate Type: NAND ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Logic Family: TTL ; Inputs: 8 Details, datasheet, quote on part number: HD74LSP . The semiconductor operations of Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi were transferred to Renesas. Technology Corporation on April 1st HD74LSP from Renesas Electronics. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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When the incoming signal is low, the transistor is cut off. Whenever a cartridge is inserted into the computer, this input will interrupt BASIC and jump to the program in the cartridge. Also, Table 2 lists some alternate values for these variables. The computer output is connected through a ohm coaxial cable to the phono plug input on the switch box.

HD74LSP Datasheet(PDF) – Renesas Technology Corp

Descr i pt ion RS Part No. Datasbeet read the keyboard, only one column is enabled by writing a zero in the darasheet that corresponds to that column and by writing ones in all the other bits. Color Computer 3 Address Decoding 36 Least significant address byte MS: Assemble the Color Computer 3 in the reverse order of disassembly.

This level is one of the sound inputs to the sound multiplexer. One file type byte: Foreground color bit pallette addr. The data format is one start bit, eight data bits, two stop bits, and no parity.

Octal D-type Edge-triggered Flip-Flops (with Three-state Outputs)

However, since the DRAM package has only 18 pins, the addresses are multiplexed into two groups of 8 and 8, called row address and column address. I i C26 M-Plastic O. The current rating of the secondary of the transformer is AC 2. Two bytes for the start address of a machine language program 6.


Please also pay attention to information published by Renesas Technology Corp. Then disconnect the power transformer at dztasheet 3-pin connector on the main PCB Figure Therefore, although it is technically an 8-bit processor, it has some of the power of the bit machines.

Another function of this section is to provide address decoding and device selection for the computer. Pins of data register A are used for the 6-bit digital to analog converter. The switch box is connected to the customer’s TV through the ohm twin-lead output. AC Ripple Anode of D3 0. Removal of Main PCB 26 These determine which of the joystick inputs is to be compared against the DAC, as well as which sound source is coupled to the sound output pin according to the table on the next page.

The first step, identification, consists largely of making sure that a problem exists. One block type byte: One block length byte – 00H to FFH. This presents no problem as long as the memory is sufficiently fast.

Check to see the burst appears every 1H 64usec. The user can move the “window 1 the displayed screen by means of the horizontal offset bits.

The transformer should only be replaced with genuine Tandy replacement parts. A blank section of tape equal to approximately 0.

HD74LS374P View Datasheet(PDF) – Renesas Electronics

The master datssheet oscillator frequency of the PAL version is In character mode, the screen width is characters regardless of attribute or 64, if double-wide is selected. The zero-crossing detector internal to the SALT changes state each time the incoming signal passes through zero volt.


Diagnostic aids are available from Radio Shack National Parts to assist the technician in the servicing of the Color Computer 3. The printer width is columns.

One sync byte – 3CH 3. Color Burst Signal TP. De script ion RS Part No. These are the RGB values.


CA2 is an output used to control the cassette motor. When a value is loaded into the MSB, the count is automatically begun. If a key is being pressed in that column, one of the input lines will be a zero, and the key location will correspond to the bit that is low.

As shown in FigureQ is a quadrature clock signal which leads E by 90 degrees. One way involves the number of data interconnecting lines the processor possesses.

In this step it is wise to check the obvious. Dwtasheet settings are noted on the individual waveform diagrams. It is used to detect the presence of a cartridge. Please contact Renesas Technology Corp. Burst Start Position adjustment Connection: Pin 10 is the RSC signal input pin.

This allows the two oscillator to be divided down to the horizontal frequency of