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The Hekhalot and Merkavah Literature and Its Mystical Tradition. Those who define mysticism in terms of a certain type of experience of God often seem to forget. Heikhalot Literature. Scholars Reprinted with permission from Descenders to the Chariot: The People Behind the Hekhalot Literature, published by Brill. The Hekhalot literature is a motley collection of textually fluid and often textually corrupt documents in Hebrew and Aramaic which deal with.

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Besides the early Enoch traditions Enochthe ascent and deification of Moses described by Ezekiel the Tragedian, the apotheosis of Melchizedek in Qumran and gnostic texts, and the transfiguration of Jesus in Mark 9 are all worthy of re-examination from this perspective.

Usually this intermediation involves influencing the spirits to act on behalf of human beings. Nehuniah ben HaQanah revealed to me this mystery of Torah, Suriah, prince of the Presence, was revealed.

They showed him the future tribulations of his people during his lifetime and equipped him with various shamanic powers with which to aid them. However, the term “mysticism” seems to me to be something of a misnomer when applied to the esotericism found in the Hekhalot literature.

Hekhalot Literature

I have not found a source that discusses where, physically, they were put into writing but hekhalof on the dates I would certainly assume outside of Israel and would wager to guess Bavel. It describes the effect that the vision of God on his throne has on one who sees it:.

Again, definitions of magic are notoriously difficult, since the word “magic” literxture often used merely to mean religious cult that is disapproved of by the speaker. Once one negotiates the seven gates he will be seated in the bosom of God of whom several names are given paras. And I sat forty days in fasting and I prayed three prayers at dawn, three at noon, three at the afternoon offering, and three in the evening.


The songs that can be understood either through litrrature linguistic knowledge of the researcher or because they are sung in a more modern form by a literate speaker clearly derive power from their content.

Who is like You, magnificent on high?

The fire that goes forth from the man who gazes burns him and scorches him. Let him not go out or come in, and he must neither eat nor drink.

Hekhalot Literature Research Papers –

State University of New York, esp. Jewish mystical texts Merkabah mysticism Kabbalah stubs. After his intiatory transformation he was returned to earth. Ishmael’s question, “What are these songs that one recites who seeks to heihalot the vision of the chariot so as to descend safely and to ascend safely?

The following paragraphs suggest some ways in which the approach and material in this study can contribute to our understanding of divine mediator figures in antiquity.

There is no one way that a person becomes convinced of his or her call to shamanhood. Many articles refer to the Rabbis of Israel, other to the Byzantine area, and others to Bavel. I propose therefore that the most illuminating framework for these experiences is shamanism. He was four years old when the spirits first called him.

Hekhalot literature

Swartz, “Scribal Magic and Its Rhetoric: Ishmael to the otherworld for practical information on the actions of Rome para. The first is a prayer revealed by R. The time frame ofranges from Tanaim, Amaorim, Sevarim and Geonim. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Mi Yodeya works litedature with JavaScript enabled.


However, lurid descriptions of the various levels of the underworld are given in the cosmological tractate Seder Rabba de Bereshit the Greater Order of Creationwhich appears in some of the manuscripts of the Hekhalot literature see n. The writers claim to do the same things that shamans do, and they claim, as a result of their practices, to have the same experiences that shamans describe.

Hekhalot literature – Wikipedia

The question of how the litertaure material determined the relationship of individuals to this divine mediator and thereby established their status in the community may be illuminated by the use of similar texts in the Hekhalot literature. Let him immerse with twenty-four immersions.

He seized and learned them from before the throne of glory, for His attendants were singing litterature it” para. Initiatory disintegration and reintegration is much more common in Arctic Inuit and Siberian and Australian shamanism than in Native American shamanism.

Here’s a bibliography from a Bar-Ilan course: Eight angels guarding the gate of each palace must be shown the proper seal i. The Hekhalot literature developed, at least indirectly, from traditions that are also found in Second Temple apocalyptic literature, Uekhalot religion and magic, and gnostic literature, so it is reasonable to hope that it may illuminate the earlier texts.

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