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Ed Burnette is editor of the articles section at , and author of the web site’s Paperback: pages; Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf; Third edition. Hello, Android. Introducing Google’s. Mobile Development Platform, 3rd Edition. Ed Burnette. The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Raleigh, North Carolina Dallas, Texas. Hello, Android: introducing Google’s mobile development platform / Ed Burnette Burnette, Ed · View online · Borrow · Buy It is inside millions of cell phones and other mobile devices, making Android a major platform for application developers . That could be your own 9 editions of this work. Find a specific edition.

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Remember that when the game is started, the getPuzzle method is called, and the difficulty level is passed in. They start up, run, and go away, anroid no trace that they were ever there. Android allows you to do that by using the WebView class. SQLite stores an entire database in one file. Whatever it is, Android lets you permanently store it on your mobile device for later use and protects it from accidental or malicious access by other programs.

The final piece of the musical puzzle is the Music class, which will man- age the MediaPlayer class used to play the current music: Ser- vices are similar to, but not quite the same as, Linux daemons. If your development computer actually does have sensors of its own like the Apple MacBook or you can connect to a Wii remote with Bluetooth, the Sensor Simulator can use that as a data source.

To determine the position of each number, we center it in both the x and y dimensions. Good intro editoon if this is the first time you face with android. Anything in the assets directory is copied verbatim onto local storage when your program is installed. For example, to monitor incoming SMS messages, you would specify this in the manifest file: JavaScript calls come in on a special thread dedicated to the browser, but Android user interface calls can be made only from the main GUI thread.


AdapterVi ew; import androi d. Select the checkbox next to Developer Tools and then click Next. Think about it this way— when you first turn on your phone, it needs to boot up just like any computer system. On the other hand, widgets which are ev times called gadgetsoperate only in a small rectangle of the Home screen application.

That’s the method I’ll use in EventsData and other classes in this chapter. These are used for the background of resizable bitmap buttons.

Hello, Android : introducing Google’s mobile development platform / Ed Burnette – Details – Trove

This could be used for a battery or signal strength gauge. You have a grid of eighty-one tiles nine across and nine downand you try to fill them in with numbers so that each col- umn, each row, editioon each of the three-by-three boxes contains the num- bers 1 through 9 only once.

Source code Errata Releases. That works fine when the amount of data is small or when the gello is all one type such as a picture or an audio file.

That marks the whole screen as dirty, which violates my own advice earlier! When the user runs an application, Android starts it and brings it to the foreground.

If you don’t see the option, you may be running an older version of Eclipse. I don’t burntete about you, but I dislike having to repeat the class name every time I use a constant. Activities that are not running in the foreground may be stopped, or the Linux process that houses them may be killed at any time in order to make room for new activities.

If you’re reading the ebook, you can also click the little gray rectangle before the code listings to download that source file directly.

We haven’t said much about the Android Service class, but you may have seen it used in some music-playing examples on the Web. My recommendation is to forget about sensor eeition and get your hands on a real device.


Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform

TextVi ew; import android. Summary Of The Book The mobile segment has been experiencing explosive growth in recent years, and Android is the leading platform dd powers these devices.

These include printing messages to the log and stepping through your program in a debugger. Starting the Game First we need to fill esition the code that starts the game.

Hello, Android (3rd edition): Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform

The illustrations are pretty good. It takes a string argument and inserts it at the replaceme tag, which gello at line You can call JavaScript methods from your Android aandroid too. WebView burnettee dozens of other methods you can use to control what is being displayed or get notifications on state changes. FroYo The version of Android running on your emulator or real phone must be compatible with evition program’s build target. I thought some of the suggested changes would have been worthwhile as pursuits, but in the manner presented, the book became simply a suggestion launch site, and not a ‘how to based tutorial’.

Study it closely — there will be a test tomorrow. When you’re ready, Chapter 14, Pub- lishing to the Android Market, on page 27 1 will show you how to take that final step.

Editable; import androi d. You can even tell Android to make your applica- tion replace the standard applications if you want. Prefs ” androi d: Sure enough, if you run the SensorTest program in the emulator, it will display no results at all.