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Therapeutic modalities for circumscribed choroidal hemangioma. Rev Cubana Oftalmol [online]. , vol, suppl.1, pp. ISSN Keywords: Circumscribed Choroidal Hemangioma; Photodynamic Therapy; de los pacientes con hemangioma coroideo tratados con terapia fotodinámica. Photographer: JEFFERSON R SOUSA – Study Center and Ophthalmological Research Dr. Andre M V Gomes, Institute Dr. Suel Abujamra São.

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A review of 25 cases. Am J Pediatr Hematol Oncol ; Therapeutic modalities for circumscribed choroidal hemangioma. Successful treatment of Kasabach-Merritt syndrome with pentoxifylline. Its relative lack of efficacy may be due to the nature of the mature vessels composing the hemangioma, as opposed to neovascular vessels or vessels that have been compromised by diabetic disease. Dermatol Surg ; Efficacy of bleomycin treatment for symptomatic hemangiomas in children.

There are two clearly differentiated attitudes in the treatment of haemangiomas: Dilated fundus exam revealed an improvement in subretinal fluid, but a serous detachment was still present. Treatment of recurrent suprahyoid cervicofacial lymphangioma with intravenous cyclophosphamide.

Patterns of indocyanine green videoangiography of choroidal tumours.

Anti-angiogenic property hemangimoa edible berry in a model of hemangioma. Textbook of pediatric dermatology. Infantile periocular haemangioma treated with two days in a week betamethasone oral mini pulse therapy.


Argon laser can also cause scarring voroideo the choroid and retina, however, which can lead to decreased visual acuity. Lens-sparing external beam radiotherapy, plaque brachytherapy, proton beam therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, transpupillary thermotherapy, laser photocoagulation and anti-VEGF injections are other treatment modalities.

Since the late s, radiation therapy has been available for the treatment of CCH.

Intraocular Vascular Tumors

In patients who have an extremely tick choroidal hemangioma, extensive non-rhegmatogenous retinal detachment, or a diffuse or circumscribed choroidal hemangioma that failed to respond to PDT. Diode laser photocoagulation of choroidal hemangioma. Re-treatments are often necessary as coroideeo fluid tends to recur. Presumed acquired retinal hemangiomas. Barbazetto I, Schmidt-Erfurth U. This laser penetrates deeper, causing hyperthermia and occlusion of blood vessels with less damage to the surrounding retina.

Plaque radiotherapy appears to work well for medium-sized to large retinal capillary hemangiomas located 3 mm or more form the optic disc. Radiation therapy is usually used in cases of CCH where photocoagulation cannot be xoroideo, such as for large extensive retinal detachments or subfoveal lesions. Resolution of advanced cystoid macular edema following photodynamic therapy for hemanigoma hemangioma. Following PDT prompt clinical regression of the tumor generally occurs, associated subretinal fluid usually disappears promptly within 3 months.


Circumscribed choroidal hemangioma: A case report and literature review | Journal of Optometry

Since this therapy penetrates deeper, it can lead to damage of the coroifeo pigment epithelium. Most eyes that undergo enucleation are result of the misdiagnosis of a choroidal melanoma.

Although the lesion itself is benign, it can lead to sight-threatening complications, including macular edema, serous retinal detachment, or neovascular glaucoma. Clinical use of photodynamic therapy in ocular tumors.

Morphologic changes of the fovea and visual acuity associated with retinal detachment secondary to circumscribed choroidal hemangioma. Circumscribed choroidal hemangioma, Ultrasonography, Photodynamic therapy, Choroidal melanoma.

Hemangioma Coroideo – Retina Image Bank

The main drawback to this method is that it requires two separate surgical procedures to place and later remove the plaque. This type of procedure also decreases the amount of anterior segment damage from radiation. No changes in the amount of subretinal fluid hsmangioma BVA have been noted at any follow-up visits since.