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The Theogony is a poem by Hesiod (8th – 7th century BC) describing the origins and Caldwell, Richard, Hesiod’s Theogony, Focus Publishing/R. Pullins. Results 1 – 12 of 12 Hesiod’s Theogony by Caldwell, Richard S. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Get this from a library! Hesiod’s Theogony. [Hesiod.; Richard S Caldwell] — Hesiod’s straightforward account of family conflict among the gods is the best and .

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Theogony Works and Days Shield of Heracles.

But Prometheus stole fire inside a fennel stalk, and gave it to humanity. Norse mythology also describes Ginnungagap as the primordial abyss from which sprang the first living creatures, including the giant Ymir whose body eventually became the world, whose blood became the seas, and so on; another version describes the origin of the world as a result of the fiery and cold parts of Hel colliding.

Other translations given in this section follow those given by Caldwell, pp. Zeus, by Gaia’s advice, was elected king of the gods, and he apportioned various honors among the gods.

Zeus’ fourth wife was his sister, Demeterwho bore Persephone.

Greek & Roman Mythology – Hesiod

They both battle to create order, and both overthrow their parents to triumph. And so Zeus managed to end the cycle of succession and secure his eternal rule over the cosmos. The heritage of Greek mythology already embodied the desire to articulate reality as a whole, and this universalizing impulse was fundamental for the first projects of speculative theorizing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zeus then released his uncles the Cyclopes, who provided Zeus with his great weapons, the thunderbolts.


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In the Theogonythe origin arche is Chaosa divine primordial condition, and there are the roots and the ends of the earth, sky, sea, and Tartarus. Mayfield Publishing Company, Focus Information Group, Inc.

Theogonies are a part of Greek mythology which embodies the desire to articulate reality as a whole; this universalizing impulse was fundamental for the first later projects of speculative theorizing.

Zeus then married his third wife, another Oceanid, Eurynomewho bore the three Charites Graces: Zeus married seven wives. Zeus with his thunderbolts was quickly victorious, and Typhon was also imprisoned in Tartarus.

Meanwhile, Nyx Night alone produced children: Hesiod and the Near East.

Catalog Record: Hesiod’s Theogony | Hathi Trust Digital Library

It is the story of the creation of the universe and serves as the justification of the supremacy of the god Marduk, who defeats Tiamat, one of the two original divine beings in the world. The Theogonyafter listing the offspring of the Titan Iapetus and the Oceanid Clymeneas AtlasMenoitiosPrometheusand Epimetheusand telling briefly what happened to each, tells the story of Prometheus.

Cyclopes and Hundred-Handers are meant” and not the twelve Titans, Westp. Heidel, Alexander, The Babylonian Genesis.

Zeus’ seventh and final wife was his sister Herathe mother by Zeus of HebeAresand Eileithyia. Only her son Cronus, the youngest Titan, was willing to do so.

In the Vedic cosmology the universe is created from nothing by the great heat. Zeus then ordered the creation of the first woman Pandora as a new punishment for mankind.


Theogony – Wikipedia

In formal terms it is a hymn invoking Zeus and the Muses: The mythology of the Hittites included what has come to be known as the “Kingship in Heaven” myth. After Uranus’s castration, Gaia mated with her son Pontus Sea producing a descendent line consisting primarily of sea deities, sea nymphs, and hybrid monsters. Medea with the mortal Jasonproduced Mediusthe Nereid Psamathe with the mortal Aeacusproduced the hero Phocusthe Nereid Thetiswith Peleus produced the great warrior Achillesand the goddess Aphrodite with the mortal Anchises produced the Trojan hero Aeneas.

At this point, the text breaks off and becomes difficult to make out, but similarities between this myth and the Theogony are striking. The translations of the names used here, follow Caldwell, p. In the Theogony the initial state of the universe, or the origin arche is Chaosa gaping void abyss considered as a divine primordial condition, from which appeared everything that exists. His cup-bearer, Kumarbi, challenges Anu and eventually cuts off his genitals and swallows them.

Then came Gaia EarthTartarus the cave-like space under the earth; the later-born Erebus is the darkness in this spaceand Eros representing sexual desire – the urge to reproduce – instead of the emotion of love as is the common misconception.