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Editorial Reviews. Review. R.A. Salvatore’s prelude to the Demon Wars Sagas The Highwayman is a stimulating ride into the early history of. Best-selling author R. A. Salvatore takes us back to his fantasy world of Corona, introducing a fascinating new hero destined to become a legend. Saga of the First King. 1: The Highwayman. by R.A. Salvatore. 16 Review(s). Release Date: Aug 1, Approximate Running Time: 8 Hours. Number of CDs.

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The Highwayman (novel) – Wikipedia

I could not believe I’ve never tried GraphicAudio before. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t call it good or groundbreaking. Swashbucklers highayman druids and monks and clergy and soul stones that unlock all kinds of cool range attacks.

Fans of Salvatore’s unadorned approach and broad caricatures of archetypal figures should be pleased with this carnival of treachery and medieval feudalism. His books regularly appear on Sslvatore New York Times best-seller lists and have sold more than 10, copies. And, while this is my first visit to Corona, Salvatore hits pretty much all his signature notes with The Highwaymanwhich ends up being an enj Zorro of Corona!

The main characters get a bit of a backseat as the panorama expands hivhwayman include as much of the main ideas and points that will potentially be built up on sxlvatore the series progresses. As a fantasy story it is not a run of the mill quest or war epic, and therefore I’d encourage fantasy readers to pick up Highwayman since it is refreshing.

The Highwayman

Sen Wi later dies giving birth in Garibond’s home, using the last of her strength to save her son, whom Garibond names Bransen, combining his parents name. Tor Fantasy,pgs.

After weeks of robbing from the tax collectors to give back to the poor, becoming a local Robin HoodBransen risks hkghwayman to rescue Cadayale and Callen from Bernivvigar and Prydae, who sought to rape Cadayale to beget an heir, leading to the deaths of both men.


The Highwayman is Zorro meets Robin Hood meets Drizzt, a perfect recipe for high thrilled fantasy adventure. However, this will not prevent Bransen from finding his own path, in the search of not only hope, friendship and love but also revenge, for himself and for the cruel injustice to the “lower” people by the Lairds; meanwhile he will try to keep a secret hidden that is only known by himself.

The Highwayman : Book One of the Saga of the First King

They speak of a world shadowed with ru Things went on from there about a boy who went from being this messed up kid that could barely walk and was always made fun of to a type of hero to the peasants. Now, all my new books are in, but I gotta finish this series so I don’t forget all the damn characters.

Jan 16, Chy rated it liked it. A low scale good vs evil book that makes the reader smile. As Salvatorre finished this book, the thought occurred to me that this story would make a great movie.

Sen Wi and Dynard find her hanging naked and rescue her from the dwarves that are beating her. This one’s a twist on Robin Hood, in culmination.

Brother Dynard has recently returned from the south, where he was sent to enlighten the people, but instead became fascinated and enlightened by the people, and took a wife, the beautiful Jhesta Tu mystic Sen Wi.

The story of a boy with an awful defect using magical stones to walk, talk, and fight with much strength to find out about his parents and all the other lies he lived in. With old age overtaking him and suffering a terrible injury to himself due to the cruel machinations of Bernivvigar, who wishes to sacrifice Bransen, Garibond makes a deal with the brothers of Abelle to take in Bransen should he die.

Mike pointed this out the other day, and in my frustration on waiting for new books to come in, I picked these back up. In addition to being an exciting adventure tale, it’s an emotional roller coaster, and the ending is maddening. The large cast of voice actors and sound effects really made this an absorbing experience.


But through the powers of his mother and father’s religions he is able to control his chi enough to walk, run, talk, everything any normal person can do and so much more. Jun 09, Benjie rated it really liked it. Another salvwtore of the book is about the war between two religions, the struggle between the poor and the ruler of the domain. However, something inspired me to give it xalvatore chance – I finished it and am now about halfway through book 2 in this series.

With this fourth read through, I decided to try something different. Salvatore First King 2 Tor Fantasy,pgs.

The Highwayman by R. A. Salvatore

It is worth every second. Still, it wasn’t one of his better novels and I doubt I’ll read the next in the series.

One complaint, and a small one, was that I spent the whole book going “okay, I know what’s coming next, just get on with it”, still very enjoyable but drove me nuts Open Preview See a Problem? Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Jan 30, Gabe rated it really liked it. Some time later, after changing her name, Callen gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Cadayale.

The Highwayman has been one of my favorite books since 7th grade and every once in a while I have an urge to go back and read it. The Pirate King Transitions: KostasAt Yes, you can read them all whithout having to read The DemonWars Saga first, though I would recommend that you read them after the original series …more Yes, you can read them all whithout having to read The DemonWars Saga first, though I would recommend that you read them after the original series which I consider also and much stronger.