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public management, such as a more entrepreneurial alignment of universities in single federal states of Germany (Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz NRW ) [8]. public management, such as a more entrepreneurial alignment of universities in single federal states of Germany (Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz NRW ) [12]. Nordrhein-Westfalen: Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz (HFG) vom (GVBl. , consulted.

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EconPapers: Wie das Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz Hochschulen noch freier machen könnte

Klaus Helbing have succeeded in securing more than EUR 1. You can help correct errors and omissions. This lack is not compensated [by other provisions elsewhere] [ Since this calls for a process of coordination across the Laendera sufficient period of time hochshculfreiheitsgesetz necessary to achieve this. This winter semester also sees the start of a new course in Special Education places offered.

On 23 July, the second University Council is elected for a period of five years. This directly affects the general and the teaching-related organisational autonomy of higher education institutions, also with regard to their budgets.

The requirements that arise from the rule of law and from the principle of democracy may also be satisfied if a sufficiently clear legal framework emerges from separate yet inter-related pieces of legislation.

Wie das Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung Politik an Hochschulen macht

The evaluation covers the concept and organisation of the study programme [ It also allows you to accept potential hochschulfreiheitgesetz to this item that we are uncertain about.

It is financed and controlled by higher education institutions, business associations, expert and professional associations, as well as social-partnership organisations; the agency itself was first accredited in December and re-accredited in June The referring Administrative Court considers the Land law upon which this refusal was based to be unconstitutional. This applies to so-called fixed references to legal provisions in a specified version of another statute.

The legislature must enact revised legislation that complies with the constitutional requirements. The accreditation of study programmes involves serious interferences with the freedom of research and teaching.

It is necessary to ensure that consideration is given to the fact that criteria may, and in some cases must, vary in respect of different disciplines cf. In particular, there are no requirements that safeguard the adequate participation of research and teaching staff in the accreditation process. Karl-Heinz Kampert and Prof. Prior to this, the university of applied sciences had commissioned the accreditation agency […] to re-accredit the study programmes.


Wie das Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz Hochschulen noch freier machen könnte

In this respect, the referred provisions do not meet the [constitutional] requirement that interferences with fundamental rights be based on a statutory provision Gesetzesvorbehalt ; rather, the legislature leaves the decision on applicable standards for the accreditation of study programmes at higher education institutions largely up to other actors, without setting out the necessary statutory requirements.

Uncertainty with regard to the legal status of the agencies, however, not only affects their procedures but also impairs legal protection against their decisions.

There are also no statutory provisions regarding the initiation of the procedure [as is the case in another Land ], the accreditation procedure; the legal nature of the decision taken by the agencies and the accreditation council of the Accreditation Foundation, the consequences of non-compliance with conditions imposed by the agencies; or regarding the time hochschulcreiheitsgesetz between re-accreditations.

To a large extent, the Act leaves the process, the legal nature and the legal effects of accreditation decisions unspecified.

Nor does the statement that accreditation be carried out by agencies which are themselves accredited suffice to legitimise a process of recognising private higher education institutions imposed by the state and carried out within a largely external and far-reaching system of quality assurance.

This does not satisfy the requirements of the essential-matters doctrine Wesentlichkeitsvorbehalt for justifying a restriction of the freedom of research and teaching.

A higher education degree can only enable access to professions if the degree programme confers specific qualifications, if potential employers recognise its quality, and if the degree can be compared with other degrees on the labour market.

This interference with the freedom of research and teaching is not justifiable under constitutional law. Klaus Peters, is made an honorary freeman of his university. In practice, however, the requirement of state recognition […] essentially compels private higher education institutions to have their study programmes accredited, if they want to be recognised by the state. Please find a list of all translated decisions available on this website, including a search form. Download full text from publisher File Hochschulfreiheitsgeesetz In the initial proceedings, the parties are in dispute as to whether it was lawful for the defendant, an accreditation agency, to refuse the accreditation of two study programmes offered by the claimant, a private university of applied sciences.


Klaus Helbing, has therefore opened up a new branch of astronomy. The Center for Hochdchulfreiheitsgesetz Studies CGSwhich supports the research activities of doctoral students at the university, opens on 29 April. In particular, this includes the independent determination of the content, organisation and methodical approach of teaching cf. Rather, any criteria for evaluating the quality of research and teaching to which the legislature hochschulfreiehitsgesetz consequences must leave room for research and teaching to determine its own focus and orientation autonomously cf.

The university management is now supervised by the Ministry. Furthermore, a general requirement to evaluate study programmes in terms of measures taken to promote equal opportunities for men and women as well as in terms of other structural disadvantages and measures to compensate disadvantages of students with disabilities, serves to fulfil the guarantees of Art.

Anke Kahl and Prof.

Due to the requirement to respect freedom of research and teaching, the legislature is precluded from regulating specifics. Thus, the legislature has made accreditation a prerequisite for state recognition. The total number of students rises to over 17, In order to avoid potential external control that would be academically inadequate, sufficient participation by academics is indispensable, especially in the process of determining evaluation criteria.

The Bologna Declaration on the European Higher Education Area is a mere measure of cooperation to pursue European objectives in the education sector. The determination of what is essential derives from the key principles of the Basic Law, and most notably from the fundamental rights enshrined therein. In particular, there is a lack of sufficient participation by academics in the accreditation process itself 3. Koch in his office of Rector for another four years.