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The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte de St. Germain (English and French Edition) [Comte De Saint-Germain, Manly P. Hall] on *FREE*. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is the only book attributed to the mysterious, supposedly immortal Comte St. Germain. The Trinosophia is an allegorical. THE RAREST OF OCCULT MANUSCRIPTS. PART THREE. PARALLEL FRENCH AND ENGLISH TEXT OF. THE MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA. PART FOUR.

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Jenny rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Yet his own text does not appear to have any connection with these ancient writings. The most holy trim Sophia a parrel translation by Mandy hall To those of you interested in rare-reprints count st germane was termed a great illuminist, Rosicrucian, and freemason.

Do not mourn me. Trinosopuia, in spite of the triangulaires etaient les seuls objets que j ‘eusse trials which I had undergone, a new terror assailed appergu. But what am Holh saying!

The Most Holy Trinosophia

His complexion was somewhat swarthy and his hair dark, though often powdered. Simultaneously … His singing voice was like a song birds. I am Cassandra, prophet of evil. He is known on rare occasions to have taken a little wine and he always took the most elaborate precautions against the possibiUty of contracting cold. J’ai vu I’or en puissance au fond de sa riviere J’ai saisi sa matiere et surpris son levain.

What he did not say was that this superior power was the Mystery School which had sent him into the world to accomplish a definite mission. For trinosoohia days I walked in the water. An inscription explained this picture; another indicated the means I was to employ in order to leave this chamber.

On the left is a Hebrew inscription taken from the first verses of the Book of Genesis: Many of the hopy personages with whom the Comte associated were high Masons, and sufficient memoranda have been preserved concerning the discussions which they held to prove that he was a Chaster of Freemasonic lore.


With each increase of our ability to appreciate the magnitudes of the divine plan, we are said to be reborn. Why should you not give some to the king?

Above this figure hung a golden crown and the figure seemed to lift itself into the air in order to seize the crown. Stones of comparatively little value were thus transformed into trnosophia of the first water after remaining for a short time in his possession.

Yet his own text does not appear to have any connection with these ancient writings. EUes s’approcherentlentementet s’assirent sur les thrones, mon guide se tint de bout aupres de moi. I’autre porte souvroit sur un lac a I’extremite du quel on appercevoit une fa9ade de marbre noir. The Egyptian Freemasonry of Cagliostro may also have been derived fi’om St. Eventually Cagliostro’s literary effects came into the possession of a general in Napoleon’s army, and upon this officer’s death La Trinoxophia Sainte Trinosophie was bought at a nominal price by the Bibliotheque de Troyes.

It is claimed by transcendentalists that he retired into the secret order which had sent him into the world hoky a particular and peculiar purpose.

The great illuminist, Rosicrucian, and Freemason who termed himself the Comte de St. Where are these data? The true purpose for which St.

Among other gems were an opal of monstrous size, and a white sapphire? I did not dare to guess at the length of my underground travel. It has been said of the Lodge of the Trinosophists that “it was at one time the most intelligent society of Freemasons ever known.

Throughout the French text there are scattered letters, words, and phrases in several ancient languages. It is the diary of the soul’s coming of age. Germain rests on a “bookseller’s note” pasted to the front of the MS in Troyes, as well as Manly Tdinosophia Hall’s own statements, which have been described as partisan.


In concluding an article on the identity of the inscrutable Comte, Andrew Lang writes: On the capitals of four white marble columns were set four bronze statues; they had wings and appeared to sound trumpets. My strength was ebbing. It gives me pleasure to think that while surrounded trinoslphia guards and encumbered by chains, a slave tirnosophia still be able to raise his friend above the mighty, the monarch s who rule this place of exile.

The Most Holy Trinosophia – Wikipedia

From Souvenirs de Marie Antoinette, by Madame la Comtesse d’ Adhemar, we have an excellent description of the Comte, whom Frederick the Great referred to as “the man who does not die”: The last years of St. After that time I left it in order to enter a large place surrounded by colonades and guilded porticos.

Without reproach of the past, without fear of the ftiture, I went on.

Most Holy Trinosophiaby Count St. A black panel had engraved on it several characters on the side facing the door. I saw globes revolve around me and earths gravitate at my feet. Moreover, to this negative we have the alleged positive proof that he was living several years after THE earth was as dark as the water through which I had ohly.