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Hommo videns, del pensador italiano giovanni sartori. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. Sartori began his. Giovanni Sartori në replikat mbi kryeveprën “hommo videns” deklaronte se: << Një popull sovran ka etje për Demokraci, kurse një popull televiziv ka etje për. Sartori, Giovani () Hommo Videns. Imbecilizarea prin televiziune si postgandirea [Hommo Videns. The imbecilisation by television and post-thinking] .

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The difficulties in this phase of work consisted in selecting the type of information and the quantity of information to be transmitted.

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And of course, the imagination and all mental process associated with reading will be decreased. With other words, it is a down-up evolution that soon or later will affect the level of values that define any mentality and personal manifestation into the social space.

Neil Postman,71 in Technopoly: The video emphasizes the position of the right wing toward the scandal regarding the voting situation in the Diaspora. The very changes not only at different levels of society but also inside the communication industry itself generated a new process of inquiring, of research and prodding that has pushed things to the limit.

The section List of abstracts in English at the end of the volume offers a quick look into the articles that set up the volume. To watch at TV can be a quite clear delimited activity. Multimodality and multimediality of communication came to be fulfilled for enduring the project. Her main research interests are: The author also mentions the user-generated media that is increasingly becoming a trusted source of information for audiences Duhe,p.

Henceforth, the current affairs magazine-format has become even more appealing to them, as such stations cram together both real reporting of hard and soft news and some political gossip, projections and commercial promotions.

A Place for Entrepreneurs to Share and Discover New Stories

It gathered likes, shares. Finally, the Foreign language pedagogy section consists of 4 articles and represents a valuable contribution to teaching English and German in a culturally rich and diverse medium, with traps and challenges which can be successfully addressed by competent and talented professors.


The Professional communication section comprises eight articles dedicated to media and new media, to rhetoric and multimodality in communication, to semiotics, the new language of signs and meanings, triggered by the intervention of new technologies in generating messages for the digitally empowered public. Ironically, this risk was formulated by Marshall McLuhan around half of century ago, but without any serious taking in account. In other words, we attempt to showcase the multimodality and the multimediality of communication.

The radio reduces the importance of the printing and eyesight and the television makes radio to become obsolete. International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy. But, accessing the Internet, using the Google, watching to Youtube, browsing the Facebook and so saartori trend to become a continuous all day activities.

Iohannis is one of the most visible politicians in social media, as he is the only European politician with over 1,5 million likes on Facebook Reportervirtual It is obviously that the multitasking capacity develops some kind of lateral thinking we are able to engage parallel conversation, analysis, thinking sartroi so on.

The ad will use images, notions, concepts, myths, etc. Her research interests include rhetoric of science, narrative theory, technical and scientific communication, multimodal composition, and research methodologies in rhetoric and composition.

Considering that there is not a single tetrad of an artefact, then we can consider that the purpose of the tetrad is not to explain phenomena, but rather to examine the relativism of the world. Her main research interests are lexicology, phraseology, cognitive semantics, and communication sciences. His manifesto toward the returning to the read instead of watching TV is very difficult to be ignored.

He has worked as a professional photojournalist and was a visiting journalist and visiting researcher at New York University, USA. The second section, Linguistics and communication, focuses on Romanian language and anglicisms, citation practices in professional literature economicsa comparative approach to antonymy and on phonetics from the point of view of challenges for non-native speakers of English in medical communication.

He wrote 2 books on international relations, a book szrtori television journalism and a study on the effects of maritime piracy over Romanian sailors. This picture is not uniform distributed around the world, and thus, the density of the information technology into the developed countries vidsns significant higher. See more of BalkanBulletin on Facebook.


An American researcher concluded wisely that sticking to the middle of the saartori in the case of infotainment versus tabloidization is more than difficult but also for any form of communication. The affirmation can be extended to a political level as well, as the electorate can contribute by adding valuable information on the social media that can be taken into consideration by other groups.

Professional Communication and Translation Studies 8/2015

The standard structure of any public communication system is centered on the idea of editing and transmitting the appropriate messages to targeted audiences, in order to best answer the objectives and the goals of the communication strategy. The first PCTS conference was first organized inand right from the start it became a visible scientific event in the academic community and attracted numerous participants from Romania and abroad.

Her publications concern the field of political communication, political videbs and different other themes regarding political sciences. In the following pages we will try to make an indirect sociological interpretation of the contemporary amount of NICT utilisation, as it is recorded into the available statistics.

sarori What happening with the human race beyond of all these technological gadgets? A rhetorical analysis of the content of the message sent may be supplemented by a tetradic analysis of the means of that message.

Viidens surviving of any society is directly dependent by. Such a trend has left some wound marks and a slight reluctance of the public in its approach to communicators mushrooming from inside social networks, from the PR industry of the great corporations and from among adventurous netizens.

Her main areas of interest reside in the field of translation and interpretation. Her domains of expertise are English lexicology, applied and cognitive linguistics and translation studies. The internet is not a basic need for living, but it is sine-qua-non condition for to be integrated into the present post-modern society.

Also, she expressed her with that on the 16th of November we will all celebrate his victory.