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Znaczna uwaga udziela się pytaniom jego pedagogicznego i twórczego mistrzostwa oraz Homplewicz J. Etyka pedagogiczna (Pedagogical ethics), Rzeszów. J. Homplewicz claimed that you can not be a teacher educator . Homplewicz J. ( ), Etyka pedagogiczna, Wydawnictwo Salezjańskie, Warszawa. Ireneusz. Type of course. pedagogical qualifications Homplewicz J., , Etyka pedagogiczna, Wyd. Salezjańskie, Warszawa. – Joyce B., i in., , Przykłady modeli.

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Zachowania i postawy wobec zdrowia i choroby. Nursing a patient with urinary bladder inflammation. Peripheral nervous system physiology. Preparing a plan of health education for a patient discharged from hospital, hospitalized in the department. Observation and nursing in his next twenty four hours of his life. Chromosomal suit, genome, types of genes. Preparing results of research for presentation.

Documentation of woman’s health condition. Technika pisania i prezentowania przyrodniczych prac naukowych. Infants with extremely low weight while being born, homplewidz and nursing proceedings.

Exploring knowledge in scope of an infant’s pedagoglczna. Wprowadzenie do fizjologii klinicznej. Individualized nursing in midwife’s professional practice. Obligatory procedures in case of epidemic occurrence.

ECTS 2006/2007

Ability to take care of a woman in her preconceptive period, a pregnant woman, a woman in labour as well as in her puerperium state, dtyka knowledge and developing skills in scope of caring for a pregnant woman, a woman in labour and in her puerperium state.


Educational role of a midwife before discharging from department. Preparing a talk homplewlcz a lecture with the purpose of training in scope of nursing internal diseases.

Peripheral, pulmonary and fetal circulation.

Panasiuk, Bazyli

Nerve and muscle cells functions. Methods and techniques ofartificialfeeding, feeding by tube. Receivers’ categories of midwife’s services. Psychologiczne aspekty zapobiegania i leczenia.

Ability to interpret and make use of legal rights in professional work. Preparing tools and dressing material for sterilization, proceedings with sterile material, proceedings with material and tools contaminated on the example of the curettage set of the cavity uterus and puncture of rectal-uterus hollow.

Public and non-public health care services. Documentation used in epidemiology. Procedures of therapeutic proceedings in infectious diseases of a pregnant woman and woman in labour. Methods and techniques assessment of selected parameters: Venous blood drawing for analysis. Caesarean section, indications, contraindications, techniques, complications. Conducting the second stage of labour: Preparing a patient physically and mentally for diagnostic examination in gynaecological ward: Reanimation and resuscitation of circulation and respiration.

Basics of didactics – University of Warsaw

Physical examination by respiratory system assessment. Aspekty etyczne, religijne, psychologiczne i prawne. Podstawowe zagadnienia opieki pediatrycznej w lecznictwie otwartym. Midwife’s participation in patients’ therapy with psychic diseases. Measuring and weighing a newborn baby. Developmental defects of nervous system. Shaping abilities in scope of hygiene and patient’s motion activity. Virus intrauterus and perinatal inflammation.


A DAY STUDIES THREE YEAR – Uniwersytet Rzeszowski

The role of a midwife in taking care of a woman in puerperium. Leucocytes and erythrocyte system. The technique of cord blood drawing. Ancient representatives of philosophical thought. Formation of a Greek Person and he etka that “The Greek term paideia Latin education, humanitas, cultura means the ideal of upbringing and educating a human being.

Nurse’s participation in rehabilitation of a patient after heart muscle infraction.

Mechanisms of pulse control and arterial blood pressure. This kind of tendency was present in western tradition until the 16th century. Assessment of the epidemiological situation in Poland in the field of non-infectious diseases. Midwife’s role and duties in breast-feeding promotion. Filozofia pedagogice, pedagogika filozofii, ed. Documentation of obstetric and general state of a pregnant woman as well as a woman in puerperium. Procedures to overcome hospital infections.

Developing selected technical elements essential for rescue, medical workers. Passing test performed at newborn babies. Constant students’ class evaluation, short written tests after acquiring a given part of material, end-of-semester test, oral, final exam.