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Download Honda TRX ower’s manual online. Honda. TRX. . honda-cbf -cbxtwister-workshop-manual-english-optnopw. So, show of hands how many people on here with Twisters? google honda- This is the official Honda Workshop Manual, translated by me from Spanish: Honda CBF CBX Twister Workshop Manual English Here is a convenient chart.

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It was recently replaced: Posted 22 August – File don’t say anything on the speedometer, any daigram or file on the dis-assembly of the speedometer? After the scan has bcf, click on the Report button Did it last a long time? This afternoon just went to boon siew, the part number for the meter is the right number, but they no longer carry that part.

Honda CBX 250 Twister

My meter would not work for a while then there was a total black out. Hallo everyoneso I believe I bought this little Gem from another member on the group cbt, this is a really nice bike Posted 19 August – I don’t know how many times I dropped it but it wrkshop more than 4.


Sad to hear about the engine. I’m thinking about ZAR 12 Btw, I’m not riding a Twister.

SOLVED: My Honda CBX Twister which has only done – Fixya

I mean at a slightly elevated pace. So I approached a dealer and they have offered us R10k for the bike.

These are really strong motors there woorkshop a Brazilian Facebook group with these little bikes fortunately I can understand portuguese. Yes that is the one.

Same engine cbx cbf and gb? | – Home of the Quarter Litre

Thanks FixYa you were a help. Problem come back again Their English were excellent. Will try my luck for an Air filter.

Sorry for the worksnop example.

And it’s physically impossible to put it into neutral from first gear unless I am moving forward at speed. I have a 85 Honda Shadow vt Please enter a valid email address.

Same engine 1988 cbx250 cbf250 and gb250?

So I sold the red one due to the high mileage and the funky clutch. I am wary of buying critical parts from Chinese websites. Howzit guys im a cheapie has anyone ever put used tyres thst are relatively in good condition on there hike. Legal modifications that is It feels good and nostalgic to be back at SG Bikes Forum after 2 years of break.


Dead quite no one here anymore. Other than that I just stuck with the service manual, not religiously tho, I mean I’m not going to check workshoop valves and strip the carb every kays, seems a bit much to me.

For more information about your issue and valuable “FREE” downloads that you will need for viewing and printing please click on the blue links below.

It is a large file, pages, and will take 10 to 15 minutes to download depending in computer speed. Try removing the snorkels from the airbox Ja many people have done that. cbz

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. If you are worried that it is engljsh wrong part number, pls PM me your email and i will send the PDF file to you. Sent from my SM-N using Tapatalk.