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A History of Africa (African History Archive) [Hosea Jaffe] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Spanning more than two thousand years of. Spanning more than two thousand years of African history, from the African Iron Age to the collapse of colonialism and the beginnings of independence, Hosea. Editorial Reviews. Review. `[Jaffe’s] views are indeed stimulating and should reopen a A History of Africa (African History Archive) – Kindle edition by Hosea Jaffe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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In the last mentioned work Jaffe propounded one of his most controversial theories, namely that the European worker produced a negative surplus value.

About the Author

Jaffe proceeds next to extol the excellence of The New Era Fellowship. The pioneer thinkers in the movement like Kies and Tabata accepted the term. The movement lost some of its foremost thinkers in the seventies, Victor Wessels and Ben Kies I take as my starting point the year with Nazi Germany on the retreat following the decisive battle of Stalingrad. Teachers came to the homes of the hodea and a spirit of camaraderie was fostered.

The words sent a chill through all those present at the jafde. Point seven in the ten point programme became a major source of conflict.

Jaffeism was the choice invective hurled by the disciples of Mr Tabata. But attitudes of kindness, fair play, loyalty, honesty, etc could jaffe by definition be principles, and were simply sentimental notions. Jaffe declined to follow suit and made the NEF his kindergarten.

For someone who was so integrally involved in the split, he certainly is economical with the truth.

The NEF closed shop soon afterwards. In the near future we will be adding a further collection of documents from the history of Trotskyism in South Africa to this site, which space did not permit us to publish in the journal.


The movement did what none of the other organisations thought important or even necessary, which was to explain the nature of their oppression to ordinary working people. The pro-Conference motion was lost, and the rump TLSA somehow survived holding its first conference since in May Prior to the banning of Ben Kies in Jaffe had kept his views on the three pillar federal structure of the movement relatively low-key.

He presented tables and diagrams referring to the period in support of his contention.

The hope was that when the ideas of unity became generally accepted, the Three Pillars would wither away and there would be only the Unity movement. The New Era Fellowship was the organisation where we began to learn our politics – learnt the nature of Capitalist Imperialism; how the media misrepresented the socialist world by labelling it as Russian Imperialism; why the ruling class — henceforth called the Herrenvolk — used Apartheid as a form of social control; why it was that sometimes it was possible to succeed when one challenged the government through the legal system, showing how the rule of law operated in South Africa.

Human society was part of nature. Most of the previous historiographers were outside of the Movement or, having leanings towards the Congress movement, gave a biased account. Tobias, the anthropologist and member of the Movement, declared that race was a biological fact. What on the other hand has been researched is the fact that Turkish rule did not force Christians to become Muslims.

Joe Rassool: Role of Hosea Jaffe

hosra Goolam Gool and his sister Jane supported Tabata. The ten-point programme encapsulated the minimum demands for participation in a democratic society.


Membership on an individual basis was disallowed since it was regarded as an attempt to by-pass involvement in the politicisation of the rank and file. Collaboration thus was a breach of natural law. His conclusions are refuted by research into the period.

Others, including myself maintained that we would be presenting the League stalwarts on a tray to the authorities, to be proscribed or dealt with as they deemed fit.

The stage was set for a direct and systematic assault on the jacfe remaining rights of the non-Whites. All those who accepted those minimum demands without reservation could become part of the NEUM.

My article attempts to give a more objective account of the NEUM and point out some of his errors and omissions. Jaffe cited the French revolution where the peasants had seized the manorial estates, during the uprising and thereafter were granted title deeds. jafre

Oral history interview with Hosea Jaffe [Part 1 of 3]

Sharpeville rocked the Herrenvolk state as never before. Remarkably it was only in in a jaffee address at a meeting of the NEUM in the Drill Hall, Cape Town that the view was expressed that there was only one race, the human race. The full franchise, free education to the age of 16, freedom of speech, press, movement, the right to own land with a new division of the land as a first requisite of a new democratic parliamentpenal reform and the rights of workers jxffe organise themselves.

Membership lay only through joining one of the affiliated organisations.