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Indoor model: BTS, BTSL. − Outdoor model: BTSA. ○ Distributed base station: DBS BTS BTS, the indoor macro base station. Huawei series LTE FDD base stations can be classified into indoor macro base stations (BTS and BTSL), outdoor macro base stations. Manuals and User Guides for Huawei BTSL GSM. We have 1 Huawei BTSL GSM manual available for free PDF download: Installation Manual.

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Huawei BTS3900L GSM Manuals

Compared with issue 06no topic is added. In a triple-mode scenario, two BBUs are configured. Remove the dustproof caps from the optical connectors at the end labeled 1A and 1B on the fiber optic cables, and insert the optical connectors into the optical modules in BBU 1. Do not bend the board or insert it at an angle.

eNodeB (FDD) Basics – Learning Basic Information About eNodeB (FDD)

Configurations Of The Btsl Cabinet One cable outlet allows a maximum of 12 CPRI fiber optic cables. Huawei Global – English.

Group Post User Document. Context The typical scenario includes: Step 8 Test the insulation between the base and the expansion bolt. CPRI fiber optic cables are routed out of the cabinet through the nearer left or right cable outlet. Changes In Btsl ver.

Figure BTSL in a single- or dual-mode scenario 1. Indoor centralized rack icr dual-mode base station pages. Installing The Transmission Cables Figure This chapter only describes the procedure for installing components in the BBU.


Btts3900l Configuration Scenario Ii: Obtaining The Esn This do cumen t description focuses on the ma cro base stations. The connectors of the RF cables are fixed in hawei to avoid false connection that may cause an abnormal voltage standing wave ratio VSWR.

GSM Base Stations and Documentation-Wireless Network Info Community-Huawei Connect

If there are ejector levers on the panel, close them. Uuawei ability to incorporate multiple radio channels in a single base station as well as remote radio units reduces site deployment costs and equipment investment. Disconnect the equipotential cable from the lower part of the door.

If you are already a partner, please click here to get more marketing resources. Installing The Power Cables RF module and the BBU.

Installing The Cpri Cable AR Series Enterprise Routers. Firewall and Application Security Gateway. The installation of cabinets must meet the requirements of the proper design, practical installation, and elegant layout.

Check whether the power cables are securely connected, and the screws are tightened on the cables in the cabinet by referring to Figure Table Issue 07 Huawei Proprietary and Confidential Mouse Operations The mouse operations that may be found in this document are defined as follows. Installing The Monitoring Signal Cables — The optical huaei and fiber bts39000l cables are of the multimode type. Locate the cables around the binding bracket according to the figures showing the spatial positions of the cables.


Page 89 Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws on the wiring terminals. A single cabinet supports a maximum of: Preparing For Installation btw3900l Network architecture and logical structure Physical devices, function modules and RF modules Product specifications frequency band, working mode, power consumption, transmit power, and other specifications Typical scenarios and specific configurations Detailed descriptions of cabinets, subracks, and boards or modules Group Post User Document.

Page 67 When inserting a board into a slot, keep the board on the same plane as the slot.

In this case, you must take the label and record the site information on bts3900ll side labeled Bfs3900l, as shown in Figure Page 42 Installation Guide 8 Installing the Cabinet Context When installing a BTSL on a base, use a marking template matching the base to determine the positions of the holes huadei installing the cabinet.

For details, see Attaching a Sign Plate Label. The cabinet can be installed with its back against the wall. The base station cabinet contains as many as six RF modules. Privacy Terms of use. The customer’s technical engineers must be trained by Huawei and be familiar with the proper installation and operation methods.

Press the keys in turn. Page 7 Press the primary mouse button twice continuously and quickly without moving the pointer.