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A link to a dictionary of NON-CANON Huttese terms For those of us who think Star Wars is real (like me), the Huttese language is taken from its namesake, the . Huttese was the language spoken by the Hutts, a slug-like species who called Nal Hutta their homeworld. It was also commonly spoken on Hutt-controlled. This wiki is dedicated to providing all Star Wars fans a complete, working Huttese grammar and dictionary! There have been many attempts at a Huttese.

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Bargon bar gone n.

Republic Commando, Hard Contact; John Tee-tocky tee tok ee n. Shadows of the Empire audio CD Imperial im peer ee ul adj. Charm carved by Anakin for Padme 7. Porko poor koh adj.

Huttese Nouns

Jee buttmalia so hodrudda. Huttese was the language spoken by the Huttsa slug-like species who called Nal Hutta their homeworld. But Huttese can also be very simple.


Peedunkey pee dunk ee n. Hasa hah sah v. Mikiyuna mik ee yoo nah n.

Double-crossing dub bul kraws sing adju. Hunka be hun kah bee n. Burnout bern owt n. Vice-president veyes prez ih dent n. Dumpa dum pah n. First Class ferst klass n. Fierfek feer fek n.

Around ah round adj. And we use the talents of Larry Ward who was a linguist.

Dangerous dain jur us adj. Competition comp uh tish un n. Dump as in waste dictkonary. I have 30 luto body fat. Noah no ah 1. Front line frunt line n.

How to Speak Huttese: 13 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

My boss is a mighty idiot! He based many phrases on samples from a language exercise tape. Couldn’t tell you where the subtitles got it. Pawa pah wah n. Peedunkee pee dunk ee dicgionary. The Clone Wars film Star Wars: Banda ban dah n.

Our celebration of the 20 Years of the Jedi Council is over!

Yavoo yah voo v. Star Wars belongs to like George Lucas and stuff so it’s like copyrighted by him or something. Buttmalia butt mail ee ah n. Hodrudda hod ruh dah n. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed.


Chuba choo bah 1. Welcome well cum 1. The language itself consists of word stacking, a polyphotal language that stacks nouns and verbs together to make more complex words. But Larry’s biggest contribution to this film was by doing the voice of Jabba the Hutt.