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The Hyles Church Manual (Part One – chapters ) Church Business Go to Part Two by Dr. Jack Hyles. Introduction With pleasure and profit, I have read the. Hyles Church Manual has 14 ratings and 1 review. Congratulations! You’ve been called by God to be a preacher, and He’s given you a church. With pleasure and profit, I have read the manuscript, Hyles’ Church Manual. I wish that this book had been published years ago so that many pastors and.

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This is in keeping with our policy of church organization. The above is a suggested nursery plan.

This enables the financial secretary to credit every gift of every person. I have a letter to read from Mr.

This meeting is for the purpose of alerting the deacons to the progress of the building and allowing them to make necessary decisions as the building committee.

God bless him for all of the hours that he spent in helping the church in this matter. The assembly room can also be used for classroom space by the use of modern folding doors. We pray, Lord, that You would put it upon our hearts to do what is right and what You would have us to do concerning this offering.

Hyles Church Manual

To get four bids a church would probably have to contact six to eight contractors. Marriage plans should be talked about. The discussions, the opposition, the deliberations, etc. The size of the class should be determined by the number of qualified workers. A somewhat formal presentation of cyurch building should be accomplished with words of thanks to manial those who had a major part. Parr and seconded by Ed Rausch that this be approved.


Do I hear a motion that we grant these as requested?

The Hyles Church Manual – The Jack Hyles Home Page

mankal In some cases the church mankal let the contract for a portion of the building and use volunteer labor for the rest. This should be taken chugch consideration. We demand and expect that our deacons be loyal-loyal to the church, loyal to the pastor, loyal to the program of the church, and loyal to what God is doing through the church and through the pastor.

The counting of the money. The candidates for ordination are presented one by one. Bear in mind that the deacon is supposed to be a mature Christian who is well seasoned in the work of the Lord. To know Christ is to love Him. Certainly, in a building of this nature, there has to be good planning, and we had good planning by Mr.

Offering envelopes, Baptismal certificates, Articles of Faith and a Worker’s survey are distributed at cburch time. Be honest with them and build their confidence in your financial responsibility.

There are many successful systems for such an operation. Twice a year we encourage out people to make a thank offering unto the Lord. Missionaries are written and asked what their needs are. Parr and seconded by Lewis Shoaf that this recommendation be approved. This meeting is similar to the one mqnual with the staff and the deacons.


We have divided our board of deacons into four groups.

He explains to them the qualifications of a deacon. They both should be of the same mind. We shall attempt to present in this chapter a simple and direct program for building. We believe that a church in business matters should be a democracy.

There are several things to be considered in the taking of a special offering.

The Hyles Church Manual Part 1 – The Jack Hyles Home Page

Recommendations From the Deacons Pastor: No one can run for the office of deacon unless he actively participates in the soul-winning ministry of this church.

Following a business meeting where there have been differences of opinion and where someone obviously opposed the action taken, it certainly would be Christian gesture for the moderator to write a letter of encouragement to the opposition.

Don’t scold about absenteeism to those who already faithfully attend. No trivia or quizzes yet. We are so glad that you could come tonight. Jack Hyles March 29, A Building Program 5.