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Ibbo Mandaza remembers the first time he saw Grace Marufu: “She was very beautiful, pretty braids, sitting at the switchboard at State House.” But one day, a. On Hot Seat we focus on the disturbed political landscape in Zimbabwe. Political Scientist Dr. Ibbo Mandaza says President Robert Mugabe. TOP academic and publisher Ibbo Mandaza has called for a ban on “biased” African Union and Sadc observer missions from monitoring.

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Let’s ban AU, Sadc observers: Mandaza

Where are modern day Tongogaras? High Court throws out Machaya application 2 hrs ago 98 Views.

What use are they, really? Emmerson Mnangagwa is part of the architecture of this pathological state. When the die is cast people will negotiate. Mafirakureva March 16, at To quote Jonathan Moyo, that those who think Mnangagwa will succeed Mugabe will be seriously disappointed.

Chamisa will beat Mnangagwa says Ibbo Mandaza – Nehanda Radio

We have learnt from Political Economy, no class ever commits suicide; it is the objective of every class to replace itself, and when under threat they will want to find a solution in which they can survive and see tomorrow. He had no guts to say that at the Policy Dialogue but he went to say that to reporters here behind us.

It was clear that this was the beginning of the fight back by Mugabe. Rodwell bids farewell to FC Platinum.


What do you make of this opposition coalition and what is their governance plan? March 16, at 8: DeMbare in Xmas shopping. The problem is centered around Mugabe himself. Next Post Malaysia poised to give 10 years in jail for fake news. Tengenenge October 29, at What can the civil society do or even what are you trying to do to push these political players to the negotiating table to at least start these discussions since you say, especially the opposition has rejected calls for a national dialogue via an NTA?

This looks like a long and desperate yarn from Ibbo. She also accumulated property, including a lucrative dairy business and several farms, and founded an orphanage, but the notion of President Mugabe Mk II seemed ibbo. Chamisa’s messy takeover and other highlights 40 mins ago 56 Views. They would have had an impact but they have not been sustainable given the nature of the securocrat mandwza. Take the Kenyan example, Thabo Mbeki and others are blessing the elections.

Ibbo Mandaza takes aim at Mnangagwa

They lodged vote of no confidence against him. And, secondly, the expectation through the Lima Process that the Zimbabwe Government, Zimbabwe state, can reform has become a nightmare because there is no reform in the process. We need a coalition around the need for reform and a clear definition of an alternative Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is currently hosting a group of Sadc observers who came into the country to assess the electoral environment ahead of national elections in the next few months. Malaysia poised to give 10 years in jail for fake news. Hurungwe council officials nabbed in graft dragnet. It is rather disturbing to realise that all this hullabaloo and country crisis is exacerbated by Mugabe clinging on to power, but would you blame him???


What have the political parties said about this? Am I not a Zimbabwean? Dec 30, 58, 2. Of course they can be postponed.

Robert Mugabe has been successful mandazza he keeps his enemies close to him; she throws them out. So, clearly, there was resonance between what Jonathan Moyo said and what Mugabe and his wife said a week or two later. MandazaChamisaMnangagwa. The City of Harare Government Organization. The least we require right now is elections.

Were disguising, the reports that this was a disguised coup, and the coup was not against Kasukuwere, a coup is against Mugabe, a igbo coup, as evidenced, according to the reports, by a presence of soldiers who had been bussed, in civilian clothing, from Harare to Bindura, which in particular, provoked the attention of the security agents who have warned Mugabe that this is more than just an attack on Kasukuwere, this is a coup in the making.