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zaljubljenih Uuodenje u urt ljubaui. Uvod Hoala Allahu, Gospctdarusoih s’ujetooa . od Donosim najljepicblagosloveiselamen:rnajodabr,rnijcg svihljudi iposlanikr. Ibn Kajjim is the author of Taman Orang-orang Jatuh Cinta dan Memendam Rindu ( avg rating, ratings, Uvođenje zaljubljenih u vrt ljubavi by. Download pdf book by Ibn Kajjim – Free eBooks. Best eBook Deals & Download PDF Uvođenje zaljubljenih u vrt ljubavi by Ibn Kajjim.

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His remarkable translations were published by a small Lebanese publishing house and we are not sure if the books were distributed in the whole Arab world. The figures are based on the records obtained from the electronic data base of the National Library of Serbia cf. In the meantime, supporting intermediary translations does not sound like such a bad idea given the circumstances.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi

Along with these come publishing houses that publish Arabic literature originally written in another language, the most active are Laguna Belgrade and already mentioned Paideia and Clio. We find it is best to propose here a ternary chronological classification: But, there are still zaljjbljenih rare professionals who treat their associates with deserving respect thus proving that it is possible to manage publishing business without cheating.

Biblioteka Junior ; 9 Prevod dela: Five of the prosodic works were published in Braille alphabet for the visually challenged.

On kjjim other hand, we found that Russian readers had the opportunity to read his works since ! Single volume non-literary translations via intermediary Apart from more or less extensive information on the author, style, genre etc.

For one thing, without competent translators, all the external support in the world could not have any effect. Translated works of Arabic literature are rarely reviewed in specialized magazine by non-experts, i.

Also, there are a number of classical poems published in various literary magazines and one revised and reprinted anthology of both classical and contemporary love poetry: Chart 1 consists of the data excerpted from the relevant statistics published in the Bulletins of the Serbian Republic Institute for Statistics cf.

The newly reformed university education based on the principles of Bologna has included Theory and techniques of translation and Translation practice on the third year of the Arabic language and literature, basic one-term courses which provide a necessary introduction to the trade.


Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

In lkubavi of the scarcity of the translated single volume titles, we must be pleased with the fact that both the translators and the publishers have done an admirable job in most of the cases and previously mentioned translated literary works prove that zaljybljenih a doubt. We should probably be most proud of the fact that someone had translated and published anything from the Arabic if we recall the general statistics for that period.

Hussein, Braille edition] We have to notice here that both translators and publishers are quite reluctant to speak of this matter which gives us personally a sense of unnecessary mystification. In our opinion, the first task for Arabic translators and researchers is to provide continuity and steadiness in translating and publishing tempo.

It is not our intention here to argue that it is possible for Arabic literature to compete with number of translations from other languages, especially English, or that translations should try to beat the statistics. Also, these books are published in the territory of Serbia and ivodjenje do target the local market, so they must be included in this and every similar research. They are usually not interested in zlajubljenih literature, and they usually learn only so much of the Serbian language to meet their communicative and professional needs.

One of the immediate problems that these pioneers had to confront presented itself in the issue of co-occurrence of published literary works and their translations. Yet, there is still space for more cooperation between the concerned parties and it should be used wisely and to its maximum. There is not a single department in any of the Arab universities that teaches Serbian or any other ex-Yugoslav language, and most of the Arabs that live in Serbia came here to study technical or medical sciences.

The general observation regarding events and activities that aim to promote the translations and Arabic literature in general is that they are very rare and the number of audience that they reach is quite limited.


Biblija nam ni na jednom svom mjestu ne kazuje o narodima Adu i Semudu- narodima dvojice poslanika, Huda i Saliha a. The ljuvavi for that is that the previous source for the basic data, Yugoslav Bibliographical Institute had ceased to exist, and the task of monitoring, gathering and registering the relevant information on the number of translated books was transferred to the National Library of Serbia.

We shall treat the two instances separately in this section and we have annexed accordingly two separate bibliographies. For example, the prevailing conditions in the publishing area are more of an impediment than facilitation. In spite the great efforts, the data we have found were incomplete, especially regarding the language s from which the translations were made. The fact that the literary and other sorts of translations are not evaluated as scientific, but as professional work, should not discourage members of the Department in taking on again a much more active role in competent presenting and promoting of the Arabic zaljubluenih to the Serbian public, through various scientific and professional activities.

Šejtanove zamke – ابن قيم الجوزية, Fahrudin Smailović, Ibn Kajjim • BookLikes (ISBN)

Given all previously said, we find it quite challenging to discuss major phases in Arabic translation tradition in Serbia. El- Kelimeh, Sarajevo: Evaluative assessments and recommendations Previously presented facts and figures leave us with ambiguous feelings. In order to remain objective, we must take into consideration all the factors that influenced on this. Before analyzing the issue of print run, we must say that many of the annexed bibliographical units do not have number of copies attached to them.

HOW it gets translated?

We vaguely remember that there was a Palestinian stand on the Fair long time ago, probably in the Some of them taught and still teach various courses at the same department.