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Casa di bambola has ratings and reviews. Huda said: تعبت الدميةتعبت من الخيوط تحرك رأسها وذراعيهاوتجبر قدميها على السير في طريق لا تبتغيه. Listen to Casa di bambola Audiobook by Henrik Ibsen, narrated by Claudia Giannelli, Teresa Ciampolini. Results 1 – 30 of 72 Casa di bambola. by Henrik Ibsen and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Casa di bambola [A Doll’s House]

Who even cares about these people? So when Nora view spoiler [decides not only to abandon her husband, but her children as well hide spoiler ]she makes it very clear that she is starting over from the ground-up. It’s a bit temper tantrum-y. I continue to pore over my notes. I don’t know what he was trying to achieve by blackmailing her.

Was there nowhere in her heart that didn’t hope Christine would have her answers? They do not understand one another; but the woman is judged in practical life according to the man’s law, as if she were not a woman but a man.

I loved the small cast of characters and deceptively simple storyline.

Like, what’s the worst that would happen? Oh really, Dr Rank. What bothers me more is Nora also leaving her children and cutting off all communication with them as well, at least until she finds herself as a person. British actress Hattie Morahan, who played Nora, made some comments about it that really struck me: Ibsen seemed desperate to shock people with Nora’s position at the end, her surprising into a “strong woman”.


Non hai la religione? She will always be subject to moral condemnation, but she’s intriguing—even in her twittishness—because she isn’t entirely right or wrong He could have been patient.

The conclusion, I think, retains much of its provocation today, well over a hundred years later. Ibsen largely founded the modern stage by introducing a critical eye and free inquiry into the conditions of life and issues of morality.

A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen.

Credo d’essere prima di tutto una creatura umana al pari di te I had a sense of him mind not based on many interactions, although I’m positive they were enough that he has morals to look good with his nice suit. But no man can be expected to sacrifice his honour, even for the person he loves. Kelly Hunter There is some debate as to the most appropriate English translation. Whenever she spoke I wished Nora was real so I could slap her hard across the face and hope she would finally open her eyes to the reality she lived in.

Victorian-era plays were expected to be moral dramas with noble protagonists pitted against darker forces; every drama was expected to result in a morally appropriate conclusion, meaning that goodness was to bring happiness, and immorality pain.


Locke says in his Of Paternal Power that the family unit is needed to not only help take care of parents, but for the continuation of civil society.

A Doll’s House is the story of a silly, naive Norwegian wife named Nora who is being blackmailed by an unsavory bank clerk; apparently, she forged a document some time before, but the backstory is too contorted and contrived to bother with here. I do know now that I will try other drama performances on audio. The Germans made Ibsen write that her husband ibseb her look in on her sleeping children before she goes, which causes her to relent and stay with him, because she couldn’t bear to leave them.

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ibseh Throughout the play we also see her as a caring mother who loves her children. To be sure, whenever such a description is felt to be reasonably true, the reader will read [their] own feelings and sentiments into the work of the poet. She didn’t have to see much of it.

Casa di bambola Audiobook | Henrik Ibsen |

This is a play, so there was only dialogue with an exception of some minimal stage directions. Not only those who write, but also those who read are poets.

View all 7 comments. Videos About This Book. Nora has a problem since she had secretly forged a note for a loan to finance a trip to a warm climate when her husband was seriously ill. Nora discovered all this and finally took a stand to take back her life.