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: Il mago dei numeri () by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. : Il mago dei numeri () by Enrico (trans.) Enzensberger Hans Magnus; Ganni and a great selection of similar New, Used and. Questions About Il Mago dei numeri. by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about Il Mago dei numeri, please sign up.

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During the twelve nights Robert finds himself learning different mathematical principles every night. My impression was that the book got the formula all wrong. Pertama, Setan Angka dalam buku ini digambarkan sebagai tokoh yang keras dan galak. It was an intersting reading and I enjoeyed the things that you can learn while reading it. Hans Magnus Enzensberger is a true polymath, the kind of superb intellectual who loves thinking and marshals all of his charm and wit to share his passions with the world.

Sibil (Turin, 12, Italy)’s review of Il mago dei numeri

My favorite was the “Hopping Numbers”. His teacher, the pretzel-loving Mr. I get that some of the terms might have been easier to remember, but the real name for them is never mentioned, so kids might come away knowing all about “prima donna numbers” and never put together that they’re really called prime numbers.

I just enjoy maths as much as living. As somebody that already knows the mathematical concepts, this book was a big disappointment. Apalagi kover buku ini menurut saya sangat bagus untuk dikoleksi.

It points out funny ways numbers act sometimes. Conclusion This book taught me that, there is so much inside math. Books by Hans Magnus Enzensberger.

In its defence, I have nmeri say that The Number Devil does have the three essential C’s enaensberger a story – character, conflict and context – so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

When you enjoy something, and gain immediate benefit, you obviously hxns more. The story is about a boy named Robert who hates math because he finds it very boring at school.


You might think that you know math, you might be thinking too shallow. The dialogue between Robert and the devil reads far less like a boy talking to a kagnus figure, and more like a math kl talking to an imaginary student who is engaged in his lesson. When I took him through the first chapter of The Number Devil, he could suddenly, and effortlessly, multiply 11 by 11, byby and so on.

Dari malam ke malam Setan Angka mengajaknya bertualang menjelajahi dunia matematika. He keeps dreaming about being eaten by a giant fish or sliding down a never ending slide until one night he suddenly finds himself dreaming about meeting the Number Devil Teplotaxl.

On the tenth and eleventh night he learns about irrational numbers and mathematical enzensberyer. This math-phobic librarian the only numbers I’m good at are Dewey Decimal ones.

I actually think not using the “correct” names might make the book more accessible to kids. Robert, despite his initial antagonism, becomes increasingly intrigued. This book would introduce a concept, state some random things you could do with it but usually not why you might want toand move on without trying to address WHY something was the way it was, or multiple learning styles.

It’s a great questions, and though the book doesn’t delve into that issue too deeply, it’s nice to see it addressed. I recommend it to anyone from 4th to 9th grade. Jun 01, Cali rated it did not like it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Probably, only those “math person” search for fibonacci numbers, and I didn’t really know it until I read this book. A question that popped up for me was how did Robert all of a sudden dream of the Number Devil?

But what I found bothered me the most were the explanations of the math concepts.

Soalnya oleh penerbitnya numfri ini dikategorikan ke dalam fiksi anak. I’ve been meaning to read this book for a long time, as it came highly recommended by both my kids. I’m an Englishman myself. Baginya angka-angka dan segala macam hitung-hitungan adalah hal yang menjemukan. Tapi, cukup banyak ilmu dan maggnus baru tentang matematika yang saya peroleh dari buku ini.


The pictures are really cute, too. Bonacci and his rabbit clock a peculiar eared device where the markings correspond to months rather than hourswhile the tenth night of dreaming is devoted to the golden ratio. The concepts are well explained and provide jumping off points for many discussions, from pyramids to mosaics to biographies of mathematicians.

In The Number Devilhe brings together the surreal logic of Alice in Wonderland and the existential geometry of Flatland with the kind of math everyone would love, if only they had a number devil to teach it to them.

It explaines fibonacci numbers using diagrams ,agnus picture so even a small boys and girls can read this book. I just had such high hopes for this one and came away disappointed.

On the twelfth night Robert and the Number Devil were invited to Number Heaven which concluded that his time with the Number Devil was ending. The boy, later to become ‘The Prince of Mathematicians’, was in a class asked by the teacher to add up all the numbers from 1 to Clearly a math book.

Besides, the pictures and dares really complement the story.

After the fourth night, Robert was not able to find the Number Devil until he dreamt of himself on a beach where the Number Devil taught him about triangular numbers.

View all 4 comments. Unless it really grabs a kid’s attention, I don’t see how this book would be a preferred emzensberger of teaching math concepts – it takes longer than an explanation and example of the topic, the explanation gets muddled down, and it teaches the wrong terms.

Simpel dan benar-benar tepat sasaran sesuai judul bukunya.