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Il Viaggio di Reims (libretto). Uploaded by rachellelagrange Libretto of the opera ‘Il Viaggio a Reims’ by Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, with English. A group of European aristocrats planning to attend Charles X’s coronation in Reims, await their departure at the Giglio d’oro. Madama Cortese, the director of the. Il viaggio a Reims, dramma giocoso in one act to a libretto by Luigi Balocchi, was first performed at the Théâtre Italien, Paris, on 19th June The singers in.

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Grazie vi rendo, o Dei! La donna del lago.

Il viaggio a Reims – Wikipedia

Digli che qui l’aspetto The Countess faints and Don Luigino calls for help. Agli occhi io credo appena; contemplando il cappellino Caro! Oppio e pistole a vento, cambiali con molt’oro i bill, ch’il parlamento tre volte legger fe’. Time and again, it comes as a revelation to here even the Ory numbers in their original garb.

Il Viaggio a Reims

Though the plot if slight—an array of international grandees are gathered at an inn in Plombieres en route for the coronation in Reims—the entertainment is richly elaborated in a way which precluded easy assimilation into the standard operatic repertoire.

CORO Reverencias al entrar y al salir.

Volate dal speziale, sal volatil chiedete, ed un cordiale. Perdonad si me atrevo a turbar el bello coro de vuestros sublimes viavgio El alma se va tranquilizando. CORO Inchini entrando e nell’uscir.

Don Prudenzio and the Baron argue about how to resuscitate the Countess, but she recovers sufficiently to lament the loss of her garments. Parts of Il viaggio a Reims turn up in more accessible form for the opera-going public in Le Comte Ory ; but some of Il viaggio a Reims ‘s finest inventions, notably the great Sextet, languished unused until, remarkably, the dismembered work was reidentified and resembled by Philip Gossett and Janet Johnson in one of the several acts of musical vixggio which are currently placing the Fondazione Rossini in Pesaro in the forefront of contemporary musicological achievement.

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In the event, he played the curmudgeon, insisting the thing come off after the prescribed three performances and only agreeing to a fourth, charity performance the following September after much arm-twisting by government officials. But Madama Cortese appears with a letter from her husband in Paris, announcing that reums festivities will be held there after the king returns from the coronation.

Dottore, Maddalena Antonio, a me badate; al coro Voi pure m’ascoltate, e destri poi cercate il pian di secondar. Soccorso a lei porgete. A tali accenti, in seno riede la dolce calma; d’idee ridenti, l’alma pascendo or sol si va. Il viaggio a Reims does not have an overture. Se la Contessa il sa, gli libreetto gli occhi.

Donne, voi sol comprendere potete il mio dolor: The Contessa is worried because the dresses she is planning to wear at the great festivities have still not arrived. The Countess calls for her maid, Modestina, and Madame Cortese goes to search for her. CORO L’attenzion con lei ip vale, ha un gran gusto a brontolar.

Madame Cortese is still waiting for the return of her servant Gelsomino with news of the horses. Il vivo affetto, – la pura fede da noi sol meritano – stima ed amor. Modestina had entrusted the letter to the Countess’s cousin, Don Luigino, who immediately arrives to say that the stagecoach which he had hired to carry the boxes had overturned on the way.

Applause has been edited out, rightly so, but there are some reassuring bumps and creaks from the stage and murmurs of delight can clearly be heard from the audience. CORO Rapido il fatto succeda al dir.


Entrano varie contadine con de’ vasi di fiori e cantano il seguente coro. Rhythmically, Abbado is exceptionally brilliant; it is a very alert performance, passionate and precise in the Toscanini manner. A stagecoach will convey them there on the following day, but in the meantime a grand banquet, with invitations to the public, will be held at the Golden Lily, paid for with the money that would have been spent at the coronation.

Corinna asks when the party is to depart, and he and Delia leave Corinna alone while they go to see whether the horses have arrived.

Il viaggio a Reims

Matilde di Shabran, ossia Bellezza e Cuor di ferro. The spa attendants rejoice and depart. Another guest makes his appearance: Oggi combattono, – dimani cedono, e salvar credono – il loro onor. Don Prudenzio si ritira. Ramey also gives us a bold account of Rossini’s splendid arrangement of God Save the King in the junketings during the libetto entertainment.

Abbado’s conducting is marterly.

Voi non mi rispondete? There will be no journey to Reims for the coronation! Four strolling players, chorus of countrymen and women, gardeners, vjaggio staff, dancers, servants.

Il viaggio a Reims – Synopsis

Don Profondo breaks in upon them and makes fun of the unfortunate wooer, then gets ready to compile the catalogue of valuables belonging to the travellers that the Baron has asked him for. Este furor es demasiado injusto. The Baron has engaged a travelling company to provide entertainment with singing and dancing.

Il viaggio a Reims Story. Otello, ossia Il Moro di Venezia. Tutti partono, eccetto il Barone.