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Applying for permanent residence from within Canada: Spouse or common-law partner in Canada class (IMM ) Table of Contents Overview Before you. The language is confusing in IMM This application is for spouses or common-law partners of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. /12/16Guide Sponsor your spouse, commonlaw partner, conjugal partner or conjugal partner or dependent child Complete Guide (IMM ) Table.

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You can sponsor your dependent children outside Canada who meet the umm definition: Means a person who has been living in a conjugal relationship with another person opposite or same sexcontinuously for at least one year. Go to Online Payment. If you do not submit original documents when required, your application will be returned as incomplete.

The person being sponsored must sign and date in this box. Take this information with you to the photographer.

Sponsoring your spouse, partner or dependent child

Addresses Addresses should be written out in full without using any abbreviations. Indicate all of your given name s first, second or more as they appear on your passport, travel or identity document.

However, to process your application, your fee payment must meet the following criteria:. Check if your child qualifies as a dependant by answering a few questions. Complete this section only if you are a Canadian citizen living outside of Canada and you are sponsoring a spouse, a common-law or lmm partner, and dependent children who have no children of their own.

Persons authorized to certify copies include the following: Question 1 From the list, select your first native language. Check the country-specific requirements to see if you need to submit any original documents.


If you do not pay the full fees for your application s we will return your application s. Question 12 Umm the list, select the type of dependant: We will only start processing your application after your return it with the correct fees. It has a spelling mistake. Our processes will be unaffected though you may experience delays in: If you need help, contact the Quebec ministry of immigration.

Canada Post services across Canada may be affected by ongoing delays in service from continued labour negotiations. If you need more space for any section, use a blank page to finish answering the question. If immm were outside your country of nationality, write your status in that country.

It is very important that you list all of your children even if they are kmm permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Applicants person being sponsored.

Guide 5525 – Basic guide: Sponsor your spouse, partner or child

When sponsoring more than one child as a principal applicant, each child must have its own application form. Submit your application by mail. Your accompanying overseas dependents may need to ijm their biometrics.

Provide the details of your military or paramilitary service for each of the countries whose armed forces you served in.

Consult your local provincial or territorial authorities. Before applying, your spouse or common-law partner in Canada must resolve any other situation that made them inadmissible. Find out how to request a supporting document with X.

Guide – Basic guide: Sponsor your spouse, partner or child –

Sponsor A Canadian Citizen, a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act or permanent resident of Canada who is 18 years of 529 or older and is applying to sponsor a member of the family class or a member of the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class.


Includes opposite- and same-sex relationships.

If your application is not linked to an online account and no e-mail is provided, we will send all correspondence to the most up-to-date mailing address we have on file.

This form must be completed by: Remember to check for a signature block on each form and sign when needed. Download and fill out the application form on a computer.

If the form is not signed and dated per these instructions, it will not be accepted and your applications will be returned to you without being processed. At the endclick on the button to print the IRCC official receipt with barcode. Check the box to indicate if you have ever used any other name than those indicated in question one. If any country requires a consent form from IRCC to issue a police certificate, the consent form should be submitted to us in place of the police certificate.

If you are a parent of a child to be adopted in Canada who is not yet identified, select the omm where you intend to adopt a child. Inm representatives cannot use online accounts. Sponsoring if you live outside Canada. Provide your mother’s personal details including her: Canadian citizens travelling as tourists are not considered to be living abroad.