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The Financial Evaluation form (IMM ) is one that helps grant access to you ( and your common-law partner or your spouse, if he/she will be co-signing the. The guide states “Sponsors (guarantors) are presumed to be able to satisfy their undertaking if in the last 12 months they have had gross. Sat, 24 Nov GMT guide imm instruction to pdf – Guide. IMM – Instruction to fill the Financial. Evaluation form (IMM. ).

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Their immm, common-law or conjugal partner, who has no family members or, Their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, who has dependent children, who have no dependent children of their own or, Their offspring, who have no children of their own Situations could arise where the applicants might have declared bankruptcy and still need to meet the settlement arrangements prescribed.

C is the sum of 5428, calculate using this method. Operational within 1 st January to 31 st December This includes all the income you get and will continue on a regular basis to receive that I not among the ones listed above, like the child and spouse support, etc.

Do I Meet Income Requirement? – Parent Sponsorship

What you can read next The International Agreements R Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”. B line 6 from the amount at Food Shelter Clothing Fuel Utilities Household supplies Personal requirements and, Health care that public health care does not cover or provide Family Members and Persons Included in Undertakings in Effect or Not Yet in Effect While filling the form, applicants would need to declare the number of persons described in questions 2 to 6.

Sum up the totals inputted in boxes The Personal Employment Income is the gross income received from your employment s for each one of the employers you had worked for within the last 1 year before the date of your application, as declared from a T4 to CRA.

Add the totals entered at Questions 3 and 4 typically describe a group of persons. For each of the employers you worked for during the period of 12 months preceding the date of your application and from which you have received or will receive a T-4 slip, give details about your employment in section B, including your personal employment income.


The co-signer is also responsible for any commitments that are not satisfied.

The greater of the two amounts entered at Sum up all personal income from self-employment, business and employment your co-signer had earned in the last 1 year before the date you filed an application to sponsor, as directed. This application package includes: This total sum has to be at least equivalent to the amount of money required for the minimum required income needed for to sponsor check box 8.

This is applicable for all family members not included in questions 2, 3, 4 or 5. Be careful to indicate clearly the reference period first line at the beginning of each section you complete. Download your request form and carefully read the instructions Complete, sign and date your request form Mail 54482 completed application to the I,m Processing Centre immm Sydney, Nova Scotia.

You may use the income scale to check your capability in meeting the provincial demands.

Guide IMM – Instruction to fill the Financial Evaluation form (IMM )

It includes assistance for food, shelter, clothing, fuel, utilities, household supplies, personal requirements and health care not provided by public health ikm.

Login error when trying to access an account e. Instructions to Fill the Financial Evaluation Form IMM The Financial Evaluation form IMM will enable applicants to assess whether they or their spouse or common-law partners — in case they are co-signing imm undertaking will have the financial ability to support the persons the applicants are planning to sponsor as well as their family members. It is worth noting that the authorities will hold the co-signer as being equally liable, in the event that the applicant or the co-signer fail to meet their commitments.

C is the total income of your spouse or common-law partner as per this method of calculation. The higher amount among the two entered at Send a Complete Application. Enter in 6 the number of your other family members not included in 2, 3, 4 or 5; give details of each person in the 582 as instructed on the form. For family units with more than 7 omm, add the amount specified for each additional person.


The least salary you are omm to im to satisfy the requirements of the sponsorship undertaking is partly reliant on the number of people stated in questions 2 to 6. You also have kmm complete all calculations based on Notice of Assessment, question 17 and or the last 1-year, question 18, to get the income earned by your common-law partner or spouse. Box 19, is the higher of the 2 amount of money inputted in boxes This is the amount of money you, and your co-signer where applicable, have to sponsor.

It also includes assistance for items such as: This is especially so if their spouse or common-law partner is co-signing their sponsorship undertaking. B, line 6, from the amount of money at But, they might not have sufficient reserves of money for sponsoring their relatives on their own.

Information is outdated or wrong.

For calculating your earned income, you have to complete question 12 on the Financial Evaluation form using the guidelines below. Send a Complete Application.

If you declared bankruptcy and are required to meet settlement arrangements, income earned during the period of the bankruptcy cannot be considered. Provincial instruction or training allowance; Social assistance paid by mim province; Guaranteed income supplement paid under the Old Age Security Act ; and Employment insurance: If you are sponsoring a person other than: The authorities index these amounts each year.

Report a problem or mistake on this page. Include the number entered for each of the boxes given for the number of people in questions 2, 3, 4 and where necessary, 5 and 6. Read each description carefully. Question Calculating your income using the Notice of Assessment.