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In Other Rooms, Other Wonders illuminates a place and people as it describes the overlapping worlds of an extended Pakistani landowning family. In Other Rooms, Other Wonders. By Daniyal Mueenuddin Ushered into the living room by the secretary after a quarter of an hour, Husna. Reading Daniyal Mueenuddin’s mesmerizing first collection, “In Other Rooms, Other Wonders,” is like watching a game of blackjack, the shrewd.

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In Other Rooms, Other Wonders by Daniyal Mueenuddin – The Top 10 Everything of – TIME

The writing is simply fantastic. Mueenuddin does well at giving us a taste of the flavor and structure of Pakistani life. The main difference between these first three stories and the last one is that in last story the woman using her body and sexual appeals to seduce a man for her benefits belongs to the upper class where as in previous stories women are mostly servants from lower class.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Mueenuddin interlaces these eight stories, linking them to the household of a wealthy and self-satisfied landowner named K. The eight stories in this collection shed light on the many faces of contemporary Pakistan, from poor people quietly living in the rural areas to bored rich youngsters snorting coke at Halloween parties in Islamabad; from the upper class who think nothing of going off to Paris for a quick holiday on impulse, to a feudal society comprising landlords and servants playing games of one-upmanship.

But I suppose the men in these stories in their own way were doing the same. She belongs to a single mother and had educational carrier through scholarships. The Nightingales of Troy. However, while reading, I was less absorbed by their narratives. Showing of reviews. The flowery language that’s used to describe every tiny detail.

Daniyap, not just Pakistan.

Given some bad investments, Harouni needs to sell land. And we learn how a society that is based on patronage and favour works.


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Pakistan is eonders rather bleakly. Harouni and his large business empire which seems about to crumble with his impending death. In many instances, we see the interaction between the two classes and the poor seem to always get screwed in some fashion.

The author has lived in both Pakistan and the U. My favourite is Nawabdin electrician’s though, his resoluteness and spartan lifestyle signifies the great Pakistani Punjabi stereotype.

To read this complete review, check out more reviews or just contact me so you othwr talk about books, check out my Blog or follow me on Twitter! In Other Rooms, Other Wonders is a collection of short stories written by Pakistani -American author Daniyal Mueenuddin[1] [2] [3] [4] who has also worked as a journalistlawyer and donders businessman.

Placed in chronological order, the settings, lives and characters at first held close resemblance to India.

In Other Rooms, Other Wonders

He later marries another American, but once married, she pretty much goes native, so represents an infusion of DNA rather than actual change. Mueenuddin has byy to reveal the complexities of Pakistani class and culture and I felt that Mueenuddin’s Pakistan is ONLY dark, depressing and bleak.

Surprisingly, the two stories I found most compelling were original to the book – “About a Burning Girl” and “Lily. Inherited wealth seem to be either squandered or milked by sycophants.

Not being an expert, I’m not sure if it’s an accurate picture, but it focuses on both the poor and the wealthy and the way their lives both interact and are completely different from one another. What is it about brown authors using the same style of writing?

In this patriarchal, hierarchical society, it is their sharpest weapon. Jaglani had lived an opportunistic life, seizing power wherever he saw it available and unguarded, and therefore he had not developed sentimental attachments to the tokens of his power, land, possessions, or even men.

Wobders rephrase the old Lincoln adage: There is no complexity to either class. Rooks enjoy this paper because it gives me absolutely no information except that which is sponsored by the government. The most likeable characters for me were the two American women – one who initially thought she wanted to marry the pleasant, young, rich P I’m quite mheenuddin about this book.


The first time I read this book a few years ago, I hated it with a passion. Jaglani, Zainab, Rafik, Saleema and some other servants of Mr. Refresh and try again. And that contentment is relative. His wife has long been dispatched to another location, rioms children are otheer at best, and he is alone. The tiny amount of joy that does exist seems to exist for the sole purpose of being crushed to tiny bits by the author.

In Other Rooms, Other Wonders – Wikipedia

Unfortunately I went into this book thinking Mueenuddin would write about the Pakistani society I was brought up in mueenuddn that was probably my fault and I should not go into books assuming such things. As a member of the Pakistani jet set, the son of an American mother and a Pakistani father, and a graduate of Dartmouth and Yale, he is well-qualified to write about the gossipy failings and foibles Most of these stories are not stories.

Each ending was like coming to the end in a novel. Due to his short stories he has won many honors, prizes and awards. The area around the lovely city of Lahore where most of the stories take place lther to life. The role of religion is blatantly ignored. Saunders’s characters are pure whitebread America – sloppy language, sloppy politics, sloppy self-righteousness, sloppy zenophobia, full of American-style sloppy fallacies.

The same extended metaphor that goes on for pages. Mueenuddin’s writing and storytelling reach their pinnacle in the last story of the collection, my favorite.