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For Infinite Undiscovery on the Xbox , GameFAQs has 10 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs), 49 cheat codes and secrets, 47 achievements, 19 reviews. Infinite Undiscovery feeds your need for narrative, but it’s ultimately a shallow, flawed experience. : Infinite Undiscovery – Xbox Artist Not Provided: Video Games.

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Infinite Undiscovery More Info. September 5, JP: I won’t lie, there were characters that popped up in cut-scenes near the end of the game that I didn’t even know were on my team, because they were so underutilized in the story.

I’d recommend renting it before you invest your hard earned cash ibfinite a purchase, especially if you’re new to the RPG genre.

Infinite Undiscovery Review

Much of the time, however, the characters’ lips seem to move uneiscovery of the rest of their faces in a very odd way; lip-synching is also almost nonexistent. Use the HTML below.

September 4, EU: Also, the dialofue is pretty poorly written at infiniite. Frustratingly, these events can be nested in other battles that are already a good distance from a save point, and if you fail then you’ll have to restart from your last save. Tri-Ace president Yoshiharu Gotanda signed on as the game’s lead programmer.

Along the way, Capell runs into a considerable number of allies. Komachi voice Rie Kugimiya Aya voice Tomokazu Sugita The Order aka the bad guys in this undoscoveryyndiscovery tossed some heavy-duty chain around the moon in an apparent effort to siphon its power. The same is true infknite boss battles, an archaic bit of punishment that really saps your momentum while you painstakingly retrace your steps.

The action is fast-paced and can be quite satisfying when you’re unleashing large combo strings, but there are some kndiscovery. There are some nice twists and turns in the story along the way that help turn what could have been a somewhat dull adventure into something compelling. See the full gallery. Outdoor, natural-type environments are a little muddy and bland.


Yeah, that’s right, the moon is in bondage. You can use the Y button to call for your party members to use healing spells or items, but occasionally they’ll take their own sweet time getting it done, leading to their deaths. Capell and Sigmund look as if they could be twins, and about halfway through the story Capell takes up the cause and the identity of Sigmund.

Developed by tri-Ace Inc. The second half is like a nine point five in comparison to the first half, and just a very unforgettable journey seeing Sigmund again and understanding why things happened. Visually, there’s some nice architecture in the world’s castles and fortresses, gleaming marble floors and statuary, and metalworking detail on gates. Your view is also often obscured by an orgy of sword slices and light effects from special attacks, which can trigger some graphical slowdown.

Luka voice Kana Ueda From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And it’s not boring.

Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. Infinite Undiscovery was announced in September by Famitsu. Here you will only use Capell and at times the other party members are very frustrating as they will not heal or something when you desperately need it.

Infinite Undiscovery Review – IGN

He starts out whiny and pretty much never stops. Of course he’s destined to save the world, but his development never betrays his underlining whiner persona. See our Video Games Guide for more. These other parties will have their own goals, though your paths may intersect while hacking and slashing through a dungeon.

Infinite Undiscovery

Archived from the original on May 2, Still, it’s mindless fun and works for the most part. Subaru voice Yukie Maeda Attacking an enemy in succession will start a combo meter that you can build through your own hits and those of your friends. Square Enix manages to provide the frame of a role-playing game epic that falls short on execution. This section is empty.


This means that you have to try and keep everyone’s armor and weapons as updated as possible, because you can never be sure when one of the 17 other characters will be required to assist Capell or when you’ll break out into multiple groups. Capel voice Hitomi Nabatame Yes No Report this. One is the camera, which is zoomed in so close that you can’t see a lot of your field of action without panning around regularly, particularly if you’re hemmed into a corner.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. When the world is in danger, be sure to ask nearby furry creatures for assistance.

Hit the Y button and you will call for someone to heal the injured. You can help by adding to it. Retrieved August 22, Everything’s in disarray because a group called the Order of the Chains has shackled the moon to the earth, disrupting the normal flow of power and bringing the two heavenly bodies on a collision course.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. The voice acting holds up very well on the whole; each of the main characters has a voice that fits him or her very well, and aside from some emotionally overwrought moments, they manage to hit the proper tone for their scenes.