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Intel (i) is an enhanced version of Intel microprocessor. According to Intel’s datasheet some microprocessors could operate in industrial. The Intel (i) is a 4-bit microprocessor introduced in by Intel as a successor to the Intel The i Datasheet. The Intel microprocessor was a revised and extended version of the Intel Datasheet ยท Intel MCS Prototype System Summary.

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Intel 4004

Shima designed the Busicom calculator firmware and assisted Faggin during the first six months of the implementation. The result is placed in the accumulator and the carry flip-flop is unaffected.

As it has a dedicated, 8-bit address bus, and two separate 4-bit data input and output buses, the is intended only for use as a downstream peripheral of the Following the success of the IntelIntel released thean enhanced version.

This allows saving the command register values before processing the interrupt. The bank switch of the can access an additional 8. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The plastic P variant. A logic “0” is the most positive test input. The ceramic C variant without grey traces. The detailed design was done by Tom Innes Tinnes of Bristol.

The CPU can directly address 4Keight bit instruction.

The index register is set to zero in case of overflow. Subtract the previously selected RAM main memory character from the accumulator with borrow. Thefabricated using pMOST technology, introduced a small set of additional instructions, a larger call stack, a larger register fileand interrupt capabilities.

cpu Intel datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The also introduced interrupt support. Specifically, the first 2 bits of the address designate a RAM chip; the second 2 bits designate 1 out of 4 registers within the chip; the last 4 bits designate 1 out of 16 4 bit main memory characters within the register. The ceramic C variant. The program counter is unaffecte; after FIN has been executed the next instruction in sequence will be addressed. In February Intel dtasheet the microprocessor to the market. The chief designers of the chip were Federico Faggin who created the datwsheet methodology and the silicon-based chip design, Ted Hoff who formulated the architecture, dafasheet of Intel, and Masatoshi Shima of Busicom who assisted in the development.


The condition bits are assigned as follows: If the condition is not true the next instruction in sequence after JCN is executed. A code conversion is performed on the accumulator content, from 1 out of n to binary code.

4040 Datasheet PDF

The program counter and send register control are restored to their pre-interrupt value. The ceramic D variant. Verify with your local Intel sales office that you have the latest data. Within this group is contained a second group which is desinated supplemental group.

The push down stack has 4 registers in8 registers in The Intel was designed by physically cutting sheets of Rubylith into thin strips to lay out the circuits to be printed, a process made obsolete by current computer graphic design capabilities.

The 4 bit data in memory is unaffected. The LSB bit of the accumulator appears on O 0pin 16 of the Increment contents of register RRRR. This bank is to be selected with reset. The data is available on the output pins until a new WRR is executed on the same chip.

The content of the three least significant accumulator bits is transferred to the command control register within the CPU. Read the contents of ibtel previously selected ROM input port int the accumulator. Each instruction will be described as follows: The next generation of the chips was plain white ceramic also marked Dqtasheetand then dark grey ceramic D.

The easily interfaces with keyboards, datasheett.


It was not until the development of the pin in that the address and data buses would be separated, giving faster and simpler access to memory. The most significant bit of the command register, CR 3is set. A making use of two s could offer various combinations of ROM and RAM in 2KB segments up to 8KB total with a relatively simplistic segregated addressing scheme and a small number of s and s, e.

Intel – Wikipedia

Program counter incrementer and data input buffers are inhibited. Index registers 0 – 7, 8 – 15 will be available for program use. If ISZ is located on words and of a ROM page, when ISZ is executed and the result is not zero, program control is transferred to the 8-bit address on the next page in sequence and not on the same page where ISZ is located.

The Intel was used in a large number of early video games and gaming machines such as the Bailey shuffleboard.

The is part of the Intel MCS chipset. A more efficient addition routine might have been possible on the vs thebut the extra instructions don’t suggest any obvious method for achieving this and appear to be focussed on addressing the earlier chip’s more obvious shortcomings, e. The actual instruction mix wasn’t specified, so without both source code and a list of instruction execution times it’s impossible to be sure.

If the accumulator content has more than one bit on, the accumulator will be set to 15 to indicate error. A logic “1” is the most negative test input. The content of the designated index register is incremented by 1. Retrieved 22 March