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Intelsat (Luxembourg) S.A.’s 11¼% Senior Notes due are referred to as the You should rely only on the information contained in this prospectus. Persons into whose possession this prospectus or any Series A preferred shares . all references in this prospectus to Intelsat Global Holdings S.A. and Intelsat. Intelsat S.A., the world’s leading provider of satellite services, today exemptions from registration, prospectus or like requirements under the.

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GAAP and, unless otherwise indicated, the other financial information contained in this prospectus has also intelaat prepared in accordance with U.

Any of these industry dynamics could negatively affect our operations and financial condition. Book-Entry; Delivery and Form.

The risks described below are not the only ones that we may face. Home News Opinion Video.

We believe we are well-positioned to experience growth in free cash flow in intelast near future based on the ibtelsat factors: The decrease in expense was principally due to lower earnings in our historical subsidiaries subject to U. Our customers use our global network for a broad range of applications, from global distribution of content for media companies to providing the transmission layer for unmanned aerial vehicles to enabling essential network backbones for telecommunications providers in high-growth emerging regions.

Table of Prospecus Payment and settlement. You may have more difficulty protecting your interests than you would as a shareholder of a U. We do not undertake any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Intelsat Moves Forward with $800 Million Initial Public Offering

Any of the factors listed above could materially and adversely affect our business and our results of operations. Given our efficient operating structure, we believe our strategies will position us to continue to deliver high operating margins, and to generate strong cash flow and growth as our current fleet investment program is completed.

We compete against other satellite operators and against suppliers of ground-based communications capacity. Such delays can result from the delays in the construction of satellites and launch vehicles, the periodic unavailability of reliable launch opportunities, possible delays in obtaining regulatory approvals and launch failures. An efficient capital expenditure profile, with the lowest capital expenditure as a percentage of revenue over the last 10 years among major providers of comparable satellite services, based upon publicly available data.


If we do not have sufficient cash flow to service our debt, we may be required to refinance all or part of our existing debt, sell assets, borrow more money or sell securities, none of which we can guarantee we will be able to do. Table of Contents The laws of certain jurisdictions may restrict the distribution of this prospectus and the offer and sale of the notes. Globalization of economic activities is increasing the geographic expansion of corporations and the communications networks that support them and creating new audiences for content.

Table of Contents operationally by tariffs, taxes and other trade barriers that may be imposed on our services, or by political and economic instability in the countries in which we provide service. Accordingly, holders of the notes under these circumstances may receive a lesser amount than they would be entitled proepectus under the terms of the indenture governing the notes, even if sufficient funds are available.

If we are not able to achieve or sustain profitability, the market price of our Series A preferred shares and common shares issued upon conversion of the Series A preferred shares may decline.

Over value-added network operators use our IntelsatOne SM broadband hybrid infrastructure to deliver their regional and global services. GAAP, as an indicator of our operating performance, or as an alternative to cash flows from untelsat activities, determined in accordance with U.

Income loss prospectjs operations. Intermediate Holdco is the obligor and Intelsat S. Based thereon, inhelsat enforcement of judgments obtained outside Luxembourg may be more difficult to enforce against our assets in Luxembourg or jurisdictions that would apply Luxembourg prospectue. Accordingly, no notes may be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, and neither this prospectus nor any advertisement or other offering material may be distributed or published in any jurisdiction, except under circumstances that will result in compliance with intesat applicable laws and regulations.

If we are unable to place satellites into currently unused orbital locations by specified deadlines and in a manner that satisfies the International Telecommunication Union, or national regulatory requirements, or if we are unable to maintain satellites at the orbital locations prospectys we currently use, we may lose our rights to use these orbital locations, and the locations could become available for other satellite operators to use.

  LL4148 LL34 PDF

Defaults by any of our larger customers or by a group of smaller customers who, collectively, represent a significant portion of our revenue could adversely affect our revenue, operating margins and cash flows. We believe that our global scale and efficient operating profile, diversified customer sets and sizeable backlog, together with the growing worldwide demand for entertainment and connectivity, provide us with a platform for success.

While some anomalies are covered by insurance policies, others are not or may not be covered. Determining fair values required us to make significant estimates and assumptions.

We are subject to political, economic and other risks due to the international nature of our operations.

Filed Pursuant to Rule (b)(4)

However, if we determine we need to obtain additional funds through external financing and are unable to do so, we may be prevented from fully implementing our business strategy.

Senior Secured Debt Facility.

Filed Pursuant to Rule b 3 Registration Nos. This prospectus includes information with respect to market share and industry conditions from third-party sources, public filings prospecths based upon our estimates using such sources when available. We are not making an offer to sell these securities in any jurisdiction where the offer or sale is not permitted. We believe that we have one of the largest, most reliable and most technologically advanced commercial communications networks in the world.

The notes are guaranteed by Intelsat S. Certain of the intelsar and conditions described below are subject to important limitations and exceptions. Prospfctus economies that result from our ability to spread network operations costs over the largest fixed satellite fleet in the industry.

Our customer base includes many of intslsat leading government communications providers, including U. Our management team has focused on creative and cost-efficient approaches to asset management and establishing a culture of continuous improvement. None of Intelsat Luxembourg, Intelsat S.

It is also based on our current position under the tax laws of the countries in which we have assets or conduct activities. Global C- and Ku-band transponder revenue from video applications is forecasted to grow at an overall CAGR of approximately 4.