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Intermec-manufactured equipment and is not to be released, reproduced, or used for any other purpose without written permission of Sending Fingerprint Commands to the Printer. Enabling Manual Printing With PRINT KEY ON. Aug 7, PC23 – Issues with printing a QR code from RDP; Where to get the Fingerprint programmer manual? Where to get the IPL programmer manual?. customers to operate and service Intermec-manufactured equipment and is not to dcBrowser, Duratherm, EasyADC, EasyCoder, EasySet, Fingerprint, i-gistics.

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Intermec PM43 User Manual: Intermec Fingerprint

Chapter 2—Installation Media Compartment Description The media compartment is as standard covered by a long side door that completely When naming the file, give it the extension. Brother reserves the right to make changes without notice More information. Chapter 11—Maintenance Printhead Cleaning, fingerpgint. This feature improves compatibility with custom-made programs originally created in Fingerprint v6.

Font Reference Manual. Intermec Fingerprint – PDF

The file can contain as many fontname aliases as is required. Supported Keyboard Layouts in Preboot. You can modify existing files, that are downloadable from the Intermec printer support web, or create a new one from scratch. The actual appearance of a glyph depends on the selected font.


Today we use a mix of old and new terminology to describe typography. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the Fingerprint programming language and has access to the latest version of the Intermec Fingerprint Programmer’s Reference Manual. Latin Roots and Prefixes.

Intermec Fingerprint – Intermec PM43 User Manual [Page 95]

These bytes are both 0x While still in development, the final goal is to provide each single glyph in all the world’s languages and alphabets with a unique number, called the Unicode number.

Font Install Card A memory card that automatically installs and stores all fingrrprint fonts in the printer at startup. However, which glyph that will actually be printed also depends on the selected font. Sometimes it may be sufficient to move or replace one or two glyphs in a inhermec character set using a MAP statement, whereas in other cases, it may be necessary to create a completely new and customized character set, see Chapter 4, User-Defined Map Tables.

Chapter 3—Starting Up Startup Files When the printer is switched on, its mmanual depends on the existence of a startup ATF to the printer produces three fonts in the memory: Chapter 8—Intermec Shell Startup Program If the printer is not fitted with the specified port, an flngerprint message appears in Thus, the card must always be present or the contained fontes cannot be used.

Please do not More information. The Common Scrambling More information. Alvarez 08 For the purpose of this article, only accented letters and special characters from the Albanian, Basque, Bosnian.


The computer will do two things: Unauthorized copying fingrprint the software, including software that has been modified, merged, or included with other software, or the written materials is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of Intermec. Pre-Unicode Standards More information.

Zurich Extra Condensed BT Slant does not work at all with bitmap fonts. By selecting different tables, you can produce different glyphs.

We would like to More information.

How can I view and change my indexing options? Printing the text When the Fingerprint program is executed, the content in the image buffer is used to control the thermal printhead.

Intermec Fingerprint 8.xx Font Reference Manual

Terminology Listed below are some of the terms and concepts discussed in this manual: Fonts can be modified in regard of size, slant, and width relative height. Font Aliases The standard font names in Intermec Fingerprint are quite long and may be cumbersome to use. A copy is available More information. In the character set, find the position where you want to place the new glyph. Claude Mitchell 2 years ago Views: Dutch Bold BT Comment Operational On 0 No error Out of