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◇During normal operation of the ION / ION meter, hazardous voltages are present on its ter- minal strips, and throughout the connected potential. PowerLogic ION Used at key distribution points and sensitive loads, ION and ION meters offer unmatched functionality including advanced . Download: PowerLogic™ ION / ION Meter User Guide – PowerLogic ION/ION,PowerLogic ION RTU.

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Wire Ga uge 5. Power Up the Meter 1. Caution This symbol alerts the user to the presence of hazards that may cause minor or moderate injury to persons, damage to property or damage to the device itself, if proper precautions are not followed.

You can disable the password via the Ion750 Setup menu. V1 Harm, V2 Harm, Follow standard safety preca utions while.

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V2 values are only accurate for balanced loads. Pulse Rate 25 pulses per second. These include applications where the devices perform energy limiting functions or provide protection of people from injury.


Digital Inputs Meter Ordering Option: Mounting L ocation Indoor use.

Connector T ype RJ45 modular. Receive Dat a. Data Rate —bps. Applying current levels incom- patible with the current inputs meger permanently damage the meter. Isolation 5, VAC for 60 s. Fault Capture 70 A peak.

The following example shows Volts Mode setup using the meter front panel. Refer to Step 8 to learn how to configure Volts Mode on the meter. Slide the four brackets into their slots on the back of the meter and secure using the four Phillips head screws. MasterDNP V3. Patent No’s,,,,,,,,,, D, D, D, D, D, D, D, D, D Do not use metal door hinges as a grounding point. Location Front of met er.

T ype Captured wire connector. Blinking indic ates Ethernet reception. Lagging PF – Q4: Ensure that the terminal nut is ti ghtened down securel y onto the ground. See the ION Setup online help for details.

SC type fiber cable. Isolation Optically isol ated; max. Connector T ype Ring or split ring con nector.


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Contact your local Schneider Electr ic sales. Integrated Display Model 1. The following Setup s creens are availa ble for meter configuration via the.

This document provides installation instructions applicable to each hardware option. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Schneider Square D PowerLogic ION Meter With Remote Display Srd | eBay

Connector T ype Captured wire. No responsibili ty is assume d by Schneid er Electric fo r any. Ensure the ground wire is securely connected on both ends. Maximum Devices per bus Middle red LED is a watt-hour pulser.