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18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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That prior to commencing work, the foreign pro-fessional shall secure a special permit from theCommission;iv. Provided, further, That when the operationrequires more than one shift of personnel every twenty-four 24 hours, the minimum complement of qualified per-sonnel shall be employed in each shift.

Exemption from Examination and Regis-tration. Give false or forged evidence of any kind to the Boardor to any member thereof in obtaining a certificate ofregistration or professional license;d.

Investigate violations of the Act and the rules and regu-lations, code of ethics, administrative policies, ordersand issuances promulgated by the Board. Look in the condition affecting the practice of the elec-trical engineering profession, adopt measures for theenhancement of the profession and the maintenanceof high professional, technical, and ethical standardsand conduct ocular inspection of places where regis-trants practice their profession, such as, but not lim-ited to: It shall be vested with the func-tions, duties and responsibilities to implement ird guide-lines and shall have the juridical personality that is distinctand separate from and independent of the Board, the Ir, the integrated and accredited electrical engineer-ing association, and other associations of the electrical en-gineering professions.

Description of theprocedures in the maintenance of electricalmachinery. Kva refers to the installed capacity of an alternatingcurrent A.

The applicant must obtain passing marks on theexperience record and on the technical report in orderto qualify for registration as a professional electricalengineer. However, forconnected loads up to five hundred kilovolt-amperes Kva and employing voltages up to six hundredvolts V – one 1 registered master electrician;c.

R.A. NO. by Ian Punzalan on Prezi

The Board’s or Commission’s decision is appealable by the respondent to the Court of. Uponapproval of this Act, the incumbent chairman and two 2 members of the Board shall continue to serve until theirterms of office expire or until their replacements have beenappointed by the President and shall have been duly quali-fied.

The issuance ofthe herein Boards official action shall be released throughthe Chairman, or a Board Member, or the Secretary of theProfessional Regulatory Boards as signatory if authorizedby the Chairman. The number of questions shall be such thatthe examinations can be finished in three 3 consecu-tive eight-hour days. The members of the Boardshall hold office for a term of three 3 years from the dateof appointment or until their successors shall have beenappointed and qualified.


The practice of electrical engineering is a pro-fessional service admission to which is based on individualor personal qualifications. Transcript of Records with name of the course, date of graduation and S. If disapproved, the Board shall advise the applicant citing the reasons therefor.

It shall be sufficient ground for the revocation of a cer-tificate issued to a person under this Act, and his suspen-sion from the practice of his profession for unprofessionaland dishonorable conduct, if: The keystone of professionalconduct is integrity.

The subjects to be taken shall be ar in the corresponding syllabi prescribed by theBoard. He is a holder of the degree of Bachelor of Science inElectrical Engineering BSEE from a university, school,college, academy or institute duly constituted, recognizedand accredited by the Philippine government.

Utilization equipment refers to energy-consumingequipment including motors, heaters, furnaces, lightsources, and other devices which utilize electric en-ergy, for any purpose.

After these submittals are received by PRC, they willbe reviewed rs at least 2 Board Members who will thenset schedules for the oral examination or interview. Description of resis-tors, capacitors, inductors and semi-conduc-tors. Be a natural-born Filipino citizen and a residence ofthe Philippines for at least 5 consecutive years;b. He shallalso undergo the oral examination or interview con-ducted by at least ga 2 Board Members. Types and uses of measuringinstruments. Created about 5 years ago.

RA 7920 and IRR

Industrial plants or factories, commercial establish-ments, or institutional buildings have a connected Kvaload of any size any employing voltages of any stan-dard irg -one 1 professional electrical engineer orBoard of Electrical EngineeringProfessional Regulation Commission P R CYEARBOOK one 1 registered electrical engineer.

They may, however, be reap-pointed for a second term. A new certificate of registration orr replace any certifi-cate that has been lost, destroyed or mutilated may be is-sued, subject to the rules of the Board.

Any person applyingfor admission to the registered master electrician exami-nation, as herein provided, shall established to the satis-faction of the Board that, on or before the date of the ex-amination, he possesses the following qualifications: If the applicant was conditioned in any of the subjects or has completely failed the PEE exams under RAhe may apply for the same PEE grade under RA without undergoing any written examination provided he complies with the requirements outlined under Rule 14 of the herein Rules.


He is of good reputation with high moral values;d. Both a quorum and a majority vote are pre-requisites for the validity of any of the foregoing actions.

An Electrical Engineer should only adver-tise his work or merit in a simple manner and avoid anypractice that will discredit or do injury to the dignity andhonor of his profession.

The applicant shall pass a written examination onthe different subjects or group of subjects as follows;1. Technical paper covering an evaluation, an analy-sis or a critical discussion of an electrical engineer-ing project or subject, on one or several technicalaspects such as: The Publication of the Examination. Five 5 copies shallbe submitted to the Commission, four 4 of which willbe retained by the Commission, and the fifth copy shallbe returned to the applicant after his copy has beenstamped Received.

If the case con-cerns strictly the practice of the profession, the investi-gation shall be presided by the chairman or a memberof the board with the assistance of a PRC attorney;l. Supervisions on the manufacture and repair of elec-trical equipment including switchboards, trans-formers, generators, motors, apparatus and others;6. V or RA Electric plants with total installed generating capacityof any size and employing voltages of any standardratings one 1 professional electrical engineer or one 1 registered electrical engineer.

This section, however, shall not apply to any installa-tion has a connected load of fifty kilovolt-amperes 50 Kva or less and employs voltages of not more than two hundredfifty volts V and for installations which are designedto be automatic and do not require resident personnel fortheir safe operation: It shall be vested withthe following specific powers, functions, duties and respon-sibilities: Substation is any building, room or separate placewhich houses or encloses electric supply equipmentconnected to transmission or distribution lines and theinterior of which is accessible, as a rule, only to prop-erly qualified persons.

R Electrical Engineer should endeavor atall times to protect the engineering profession collectivelyand individually against misrepresentation, distortion, mis-understanding or unfair criticism. The rules and regulations of the Commission on ad-ministrative investigation shall govern the procedure andconduct administrative investigation before the Board.

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