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The New York Observer’s profile of Bill Ackman, the founder of After Ackman shorted the stock and published “Is MBIA Triple A?” both the. Before the crisis, MBIA wrote credit derivatives on “Triple-A” tranches backed by mortgage loans and dodgy mezzanine CDOs. Bill Ackman. And it’s not just the fact of MBIA’s triple-A rating that drives Mr. Ackman batty; it’s its transcendent importance to the company’s business. As Gary.

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Substantially all of these premiums mbla from structured finance guarantees. The liquidity risks of these programs and the underlying assets should be carefully examined. Financial insurance or Financial Guarantees are a form of credit enhancement.

MBIA – Wikipedia

The San Francisco Chronicle. Unfortunately, however, your previous ratings assessments have erred materially in iz omission of certain critical analysis and the inclusion of outright errors in your work.

Retrieved February 26, si A bond insurer is only able to obtain tax benefits if the insurer is a going concern and is able to generate sufficient taxable income in the current or future years to offset the losses from paid insurance claims. You should also carefully calculate the impact of a downgrade of the bonds held by one bond insurer that are guaranteed by other insurers in your calculation of capital adequacy.

Lastly I encourage you to ask yourself the following question while looking at your image in the mirror: The company went public in Each of you, according to your recent public statements, is in various stages of updating your avkman of the bond insurers. The publicly traded stock of Ram Holdings Ltd. In that the losses are occurring primarily on structured finance obligations, these lines of credit should not be included in CPR The Capital Base included in CPR is also likely to tripld overstated because the investment assets of the bond insurers consist primarily of bond insurer guaranteed obligations that are valued inclusive of the guarantee, when they should be valued on an unwrapped basis.


MBIA: Triple-A Not What it Used to Be?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Moody’s upgrades the ratings of MBIA group: Views Read Edit View history. Ackman reportedly attempted to warn regulators, rating agencies and investors about the bond insurers’ high risk business models. Call to divide not viable”.

Ackman’s Letter to Moody’s: A Must Read –

The combination of volatility in each of these markets and the increased collateral demands required in holding company downgrade scenarios will put a severe strain on holding company liquidity. Retrieved February 22, It is headquartered in Purchase, New Yorkand as of January 1, had approximately employees.

In a runoff scenario, we do not believe that the bond insurers will generate sufficient taxable income to offset the net operating losses generated by paid losses. Fitch Ratings 99 Church St. A consortium of insurance companies AetnaFireman’s FundAckmxnCignaand Continental formed the Municipal Bond Insurance Association in to diversify their holdings in municipal bonds.

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Ackman’s Letter to Moody’s: A Must Read

Because Berkshire Hathaway already possesses a real Nbia A rating, the bonds that are wrapped with its guarantee will trade with a tighter spread when compared to a bond insured by a traditional bond insurer, even one without legacy structured finance exposure.

Please call me if you have any questions about the above.

Various MTM programs also create liquidity risk as assets may have to be sold to meet redeeming bondholders. This page was last edited on 1 Mniaat Languages Deutsch Edit links. There is also no mechanism whereby the bond insurers can borrow against these potential future premiums to be used to pay claims in the present day.


Can this possibly make sense? When MBIA did, in fact, crash as the financial crisis of came to a head, he sold the swaps for a large profit. To state the obvious, because of your critical role in the capital markets, it is essential that the ratings you publish are the result of comprehensive and accurate analysis. We believe a shareholder vote and approved registration statement will likely be required in such a circumstance, delaying the ability to consummate the transaction beyond the March 31st Warburg backstop drop dead date.

You should adjust your estimate of CPR for each insurer to reflect the above factors in order to accurately establish the capital available to pay claims. In addition, bond insurers with substantial investment management or swap operations have additional liquidity needs in the event of a downgrade.

That is, you reduce their credit exposure by those exposures that have been reinsured. Retrieved from ” https: As you well know, we have privately, in meetings and correspondence with you, and publicly in various presentations that we have made, called into question your ratings of the bond insurance industry, in particular, the ratings for MBIA Insurance Corp.