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Inspired by its mission to create enduring value for the nation and its stakeholders, ITC has developed an Integrated Rural Development Programme that fosters. What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e- Choupal. This initiative has enabled farmers from over 40, The e-Choupal is a unique web-based initiative of ITC Limited, offering farmers required information, products, and services they need.

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Sluggish reforms hit e-choupal expansion: The data base could be sold by the ITC for money increasing their revenue to research institutions studying the agricultural sectors. This initiative, which has covered over 64, hectares, has a multiplier impact and reaches out to around 70, farmers.

Next month, the juggernaut itv roll quietly into Maharashtra, capturing around villages. Jump to Main Navigation.

ITC holds out mall hope for villagers The Telegraph. The ITC e-Choupal ict is a powerful example of a business model that delivers largescale societal value by co-creating rural markets with local communities. Lintas Media arm, e-choupal join to launch Bharat Barometer blonnet. Its services today reach out to over 4 million farmers growing a range of crops – Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Maize, Coffee, Marine Products and Fruits – in over villages through kiosks across 10 chopal.

Yet it is besieged by ifc challenges. As part of this revolutionary initiative, it took the concept of choupal one step further, which traditionally meant meeting of farmers in an open space to discuss ideas and knowledge, and, instead, installed computer with internet connectivity chooupal satellite technology and solar power in such meeting points in every village in Madhya Pradesh, a central state in India, and connected every village in this way which famously came to be known as e- choupal centers.

After a farmer reaps his harvest, he returns the loan to his user group, helping create a village development fund.

ITC Readies E-choupal Invasion Of Maharashtra

It makes use of the physical transmission capabilities of current intermediaries — aggregation, logistics, counter-party risk and bridge financing — while dis-intermediating them from the chain of information flow and market signals.

Additionally e-choupal supports best farming practices chouapl methods among the farmers by training each farmer to use the internet facilities in their search for finding the best price available for their produce apart from mandis, they were also taught to use a site dedicated especially for the farmers www.


The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines for companies and organizations. A total of over 4.

Inspired by its mission ltc create enduring value for the nation and its stakeholders, ITC has developed an Integrated Rural Development Programme that fosters sustainable and inclusive growth in India. Chairman Y C Deveshwar speaks on the e-Choupal.

This value chain created can serve as tool for the ITC and other players to penetrate and affect the rural market more effectively. ITC Limited has provided computers and Internet access in rural areas across several agricultural regions of the country, where the farmers can directly negotiate the sale of their produce with ITC Limited.

Cigarettes and Virtual Cathedrals The Economist. They see the ‘e-Choupal’ ktc the new age cooperative for all practical purposes. On the anvil are plans to channelise other services related to micro-credit, health and education through the same ‘e-Choupal’ infrastructure. Farmers can get real-time information despite their physical distance from the mandis.

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ITC has set up over 6, water harvesting structures to date. These particularly small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not ic predictable income and growth. Each e-choupal, manned by a trained villager designated the “sanchalak”, covers around five villages. The programme is a degree intervention that enables comprehensive development of the rural ecosystem through information dissemination, providing access to quality inputs and market prices, generating supplementary incomes and augmenting natural resources.

This, in turn, creates another virtuous cycle that is propelling the economy into a higher growth trajectory. It will use the same channels to push products into the villages, from insurance to consumer goods.

National Printing press, Bengaluru. The problems encountered while setting up and managing these ‘e-Choupals’ choipal primarily of infrastructural inadequacies, including power supply, telecom connectivity and bandwidth, apart from the challenge of imparting skills to the first time internet users in remote and utc areas of rural India.

Another path-breaking initiative – the ‘Choupal Pradarshan Khet’brings the benefits of agricultural chouppal practices to small and marginal farmers.

What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e-Choupal

The information given by the farmers could be studied and analyzed by experts and this would help both the parties in that the revenues for the company would grow and farmers would benefit with the experts suggesting even customized solution to their farming issues. Simultaneously, using this value chain to channel and direct other essential interests of the farmers in the form of retail products, banking and information services.


Of course, it also provides a comprehensive package of support and extension services to farmers – chouoal loans to marketing. Instead of travelling long distances to the nearest mandi, the farmer choupzl a sample of his produce to the e-Choupal.

This award recognises companies who have made significant efforts to create sustainable livelihood opportunities and enduring wealth in developing countries. The intervention has till date created sustainable livelihoods for over 44, rural women. By helping these enterprises we aim to make the world better – better for us, for our community and for the environment Shop Now. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Sanchalak was a highly prominent figure after the ITC implemented such ethical and moral for the same and therefore the result was that unscrupulous Sanchalak were deterred from this position.

As a result, number of states made a provision of setting up of such business models and also actively encouraged such practices among the large industrial organization. Even small farmers have gained from the initiative. Choupap the poor for growth Hindustan Times.

ITC ABD :: e-Choupal

Recognising the various challenges faced by farmers like fragmented farms, weak infrastructure and involvement of numerous intermediaries, ITC designed e-Choupal as a more efficient supply chain aimed at delivering value to its customers around the world on a sustainable basis. Jump to Sub Navigation. There is a strategic element to this initiative. In Narsingkheda village of Madhya Pradesh, however, a itf has found an avenue to overcome these struggles.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The aggregation of the demand for farm inputs from individual farmers gives them access to high quality inputs from established and reputed manufacturers at fair prices. This article has been written in partnership with ITC Limited. ITC never bound any vhoupal to any sort of contract and essentially, made sure that with the information tools at their disposal they would decide the best action themselves in a longer run and this ict bring about a change which the F Business Division of ITC had dreamed of when they launched this network.

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