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Omega is a book by Jack McDevitt that won the John W. Campbell Award, and was nominated for the Nebula Award in The mystery surrounding the. Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like Chindi, McDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns. Omega (Academy, book 4) by Jack McDevitt – book cover, description, publication history.

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One of the problems with alot of science fiction is that it can revel to0 much in didacticism. Hey, look, let’s grab as much as we can of their civ to sell because they’re all about to become instant relics! Interested in mcdevith science fiction that features a killer cloud, a race against time, an almost-human alien race, and a romance that is both sweet and memorable?

SF : Omega / Jack McDevitt ☆☆

But it’s still a great subplot, and leads to a startling realization that I suspect will be significant in the remaining books of this series. And they have no idea what’s about to happen to them. Click on a plot link to find similar books! One nack heading toward Earth and will arrive in around a thousand years.

Early indications are that while the aliens, who come to be called Goompahs, have a relatively sophisticated and peaceful omeha centered on a narrow isthmus, they are pre-technological there seem to be no other settlements anywhere else on the globe and have no way of knowing what the omega cloud looming over them is, much less what to do about it.

Time runs out when mankind discovers a sentient race of humanoids, so much like us they could be our cousins.


An omega cloud is headed towards Earth, but won’t arrive for about years. Jul 21, Kerry rated it really liked it. Apart from the fact that they are based on nanotechnology, there is very little else discovered about them.

Mostly, I tolerate this pretty well.

Omega (novel) – Wikipedia

Preview — Omega by Jack McDevitt. He does the exact opposite of ensuring that omegga guns on the mantle will be used by the end of the book: Jun 27, Melissa rated it it was ok. This time, though, Priscilla Hutchins is not the pilot. McDevitt tries to make a point about the cuteness factor.

Omega isn’t a bad work. For one thing, these are supposedly rational beings, whose favorite public activity aside from orgies, a subplot McDevitt wisely doesn’t overuse to humorous effect is freewheeling public debate not unlike what goes in England’s House of Commons.

Omega Book Summary and Study Guide

Okay, there are ways in which you might say this kind of thing could be morally defensible — for instance, if the civilization in question were nothing but ignorant stone-age savages.

I can say honestly I had no idea that this was part of a series until I read that it was The Academy 4 above. Another great story by Jack McDevitt. Science fictionMystery fiction. But eventually, one ends up being right, and the payoff is even better for all the false starts.

Mass Market Paperbackpages. McDevitt builds us up for final confrontation between Collingdale and the omega but just as it’s climaxing, McDevitt puts the scene “off camera”.

Omega feels like a religious tract masquerading as a hard SF novel. Many companies petition the Academy for permission to travel to Lookout for various money-making purposes, virtually all of which are refused. The Omega Clouds mcdevith agents of destruction which seem to be able to recognise right angles and other signs of intelligent life — have been studied intensively.


Another ship is sent with a huge kite which struck me as really stupid and some video devices, to divert o,ega cloud. Priscilla “Hutch” Hutchens, heroine of several of McDevitt’s previous novels, has had a full career as a space pilot and is now administrator of the government agency in charge of space research.

One of the stronger female characters that I have come across in SF literature, and she has been reduced to a bureaucrat, with nobody really filling the void left by taking her out of the centre of the story. Il matrimonio si rinnova dopo un determinato numero di anni. But nothing interesting ever happens on the Goompah planet.

Ancient Shores Thunderbird His characters are real and I could easily visualize the world. The few times one of the team is seen by a Goompah, the poor creature runs screaming. It left me feeling a little cheated. And the cloud will reach them during this novel. Priscilla Hutchins is stuck on Earth as an administrator this time, which I thought was a little disappointing.

The world building the author does is excellent and memorable. What may well happen is that Goompah schools will take down the “Think for yourself” signs and replace them with ones reading “Lykonda Saves.

The part I hated about this book was that the Omega cloud were vastly different than they were in “The Engines of God”.