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Used Jbl for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. We sell used & new Subwoofer by JBL. Select from the best prices and availability in the world. There are two JBL subs for sale for dirt cheap locally. I found it difficult to find anything about them except they are a five cubic foot box.

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But the plans available here are difficult to read and not overly comprehensive. After getting those in place I decided to try removing the vinyl covering.

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JBL project However, you will need to have a very steep filter on the bottom end because 45507 xmax of. ZilchSep 10, All times are GMT The 5 cubic foot 40 Hz box tuning will work well with lots of 15″ speakers, but IIRC the ports are not very large or deep, and would run out of gas at high power with many current drivers that have about twice the excursion of older drivers. Thank you in advance. Not worth anything these days.

The would be best served in a traditional cabinet correctly tuned to match your sub and mid. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Thanks, I knew that. Also, is the 3″ port and 4″ duct length good for all three A, and cabs to acheive a 40hz tune? Last time I checked, Yes, my password is: Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by TranquilSep 7, My corners are in better shape but the tolex hbl have been scuffed quite a bit on mine, too.


There will be others along here who have commented in far jnl technical detail on these many times in the past. Share This Page Tweet.

Been around a LONG time and for same general purpose. The sound even without my ‘s ran out of room is wonderfull.

JBL 4507a Passive Subwoofer With 2220h Woofer 8 Ohm

Do you already have an account? After researching and hearing so many positive comments about the cabs I decided to find a pair, well I did and hear they are. I have an old JBL subwoofer that I would like some help identifying.

If I go with the A, how would I run the brace between the baffle and the back – given that the speaker is right smack in the middle of the baffle?

JBL PROFESSIONAL Series Cabinets with H Woofers – $ | PicClick

But I myself would probably do it simply because it won’t hurt. The heartbreaking thing is that I spent ages refurbishing the pair of HH Vs and bought new handles, power switches and capacitors for them, now they are just sitting here gathering dust again well one is, the other one is due back any day now.

Testwork 4057 Thanks, I don’t think it will hurt to add a couple 1×2 pieces diagonally across the sides. Log in or Sign up. Below is the on the left and on the right. Looks like they’re ready to accept whatever finish you’d like to put on them, now Bjl suggest you take some time and run a search jjbl both cabinets here. I thought that perhaps picking them up and loading them with either a Peavey Black Widow or Eminence Kappa Pro 15 would make a nice pair of small portable subs for a “B” rig.


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The sonic image of his voice was as big as the entire arena. Art Welter wrote on Sun, 20 February But my research shows that mostly hard rockers are using this enclosure. Do you happen to have a pic of that to illustrate what happens? The result is vibration free performance. ZilchSep 27, I might have just filled in the bad spots with wood putty, sanded and paint.?

People forget the two most important things for sound, the physical interfacing of gear and acoustics, and engineers who know what they are doing. I still don’t even know if it makes noise, but I can now say that the box contains a passive crossover that looks homebrewed and isn’t connected.

Without the foil it will melt the vinyl and just stick to the iron.