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Jáchym Topol, and Norman Manea, who lived during the Communist . www. Readings with Laurent Binet, Erri De Luca, György Dragomán, Jáchym Topol, Daniela .org/article/from-i-cant-stand-still-an-interview-with-jchym-topol. The Devil’s Workshop (paperback). The devil had his workshop here in Belarus. The deepest graves are in Belarus. But nobody knows about.

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All of a sudden I had to wake up from my forest solitude of hallucinations and writing tons of poems, which I ended up losing, and take care of two girls who were at the end of their rope. I mention my friends who stayed in newspapers intentionally, since unlike them I have another life. topo,

from “I Can’t Stand Still”: An Interview with Jáchym Topol – Words Without Borders

That was the atmosphere I grew up in. But back to newspapers! Adin z vas tu uze byl. Vond je dit een nuttige review? It just keeps going, round and round.

The Devil’s Workshop

I left my backpack in the nook, stripped naked, slipped into the cold water, dove down, and of course in a single breath without even opening my eyes I found the tunnel, and I was just about to start suffocating when I got to the surface and everything was like it used to be. The Polish junkies’ quests for poppy were legendary.

So when I look ahead and see your next question, Why genocide? Toon meer Toon minder. And of course my bed was next to the bookshelf, and one time I reached up there and the book I happened to grab was The Society for the Protection of Animalsby J. I remembered this encounter often when I went back to school to study ethnography and I’d be sitting around talking with my sweet fellow students.

To me writing poems seemed just as difficult and important as, say, splitting the atom. Did you go with any goal, or was it just for the hell of it? As such, details of past traumas are forgotten, if they were ever known or remembered to begin with. The difference between Romania and the Amazon was negligible at that point. That was unknown to us. We staggered off the train supplied with enough food to last about half a year with reasonable management. He was the first one I let read the Auschwitz chapter in City Sister Silver and I was so agitated about it, thinking what have I done, that I was ready to take it out, scratch it, bury the whole thing.


You must have had some interesting experiences at the borders, what with your long hair and all. The little children gathered berries and roots. It was a good jail, I was there by myself, the concrete walls dripping water from the heat, colorful lizards crawling all over the place.

The insides were overgrown with layers of colorful shells, different types of mushrooms, the concrete rubbed away from the impact of the water, it looked like the world after a catastrophe, except for me and the little transparent fish and all sorts of crustaceans, there was nobody else around.

Jáchym Topol – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Eastern European literatureKafka. Most of the authors I invite to our library are from countries with an authoritarian regime: Michail Boelgakov The Master and Margarita 13, Almost broke, living off other people’s scraps, eating what they left on their plates. I’m still drawn to the sea very intensely to this day.

Bold, brilliant and blackly comic, The Devil’s Workshop paints a deeply troubling portrait of two countries dealing with their ghosts and asks: Reviews Schrijf een review.

I think I even translated a poem from your second book of poetry, Tuesday There Will Be Warthat was set in Burma, where you had gone to report on the heroin trade.

We traveled all over Israel, and drank bottles and bottles of wine every night—I think to keep us from going insane from all the things we were talking about. That Topol chooses to reckon with Prague Spring by means of the Bildungsroman — not once, but twice — suggests that an extended allegory is at work in his exploration of Czech history, and that the figure of a pubescent boy is appropriately representative of the country of his birth.


The Czech lands were spared the mass murders that took place in Ukraine and Belarus. Not a boy, not yet a man: That was him, cracking jokes right up to the very last breath.

There was another one of you here. They made dens in there and little smoky fires and continued to multiply.

The best thing was a fountain pen that said Dresden on it. The stories I wrote for the national news section at Respekt were what I call, to borrow from Boris Vian, the froth toppol the day—murder, corruption, the porn industry. The Dan Gunn Interview It is worth bearing in mind that when the project was launched, back while Beckett was still a Moderated by Michael F.

We rode in that car for two long, longer than long days. Getting chased by Bulgarian cops shouting ” Khipis! Walks and reading and some food here and there.

Jáchym Topol

That seems pretty unusual to me for the time, not to mention extremely dangerous. Parked in a chair in an office, constant editorial meetings.

He was ready to break my face. One got raped, both got robbed, and then they chased them out. The one exception being Romania, kchym you went by yourself. Several of them move easily between fiction informed by fact and non-fiction driven by narrative. They make me nervous, I get scared. And what do they do but kick your ass!