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9 quotes from Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude: How to Find, Build and Keep a Yes! Attitude for a Lifetime of Success: ‘ATTITUDE DRIVES ACTIONS. ACTIONS.. . Attitude. WRITTEN BY JEFFREY GITOMER @GITOMER. KING OF The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. Jeffrey Gitomer has put together a slick, well-packaged piece, complete with a colorful layout, bullet points, catch phrases and a carefully designed Yes! logo.

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Little Gold Book of Yes! Be willing to do for others without measuring. You cannot get bored reading it because it’s more than just plan words on each page.

All matters of money you think about, paid and unpaid. Sales Caffeine allows Jeffrey to communicate valuable sales information, yex, and answers to sales professionals on a timely basis. Successful people know how to access information.

Don’t join the bashing. To see things from the jetfrey is right side, not the what is wrong side. To ask other readers questions about Little Gold Book of Yes! Everything you need to do, big and small. How to find, build, and keep a YES!

I noticed his books stand out from most of the rest out there in that they are formatted differently and have more interesting printing and formatting. True; when you start reading you have this burst of energy telling you “be positive be happy, there attituce so much to be happy about”.

To see the opportunity and the giotmer when an obstacle faces you. I think the book had great points and I am trying to implement them. May 25, Michael rated it attktude not like it Shelves: I help other people. This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky “Positive Thinking” book per se, though sometimes that creeps in. Although I don’t mind listening to the same old regurgitated self help stuff from time to time – this wasn’t great or feeling of anything groundbreaking whatsoever The author has a straight talking direct stylewhich can be fine – but nothing inspiring – this “yes attitude” trademark term of his seems unnecessary – and just rehashed bits of good self help foundational principles branded has his “yes attitude” Am not digging it I agree it is negative, but also believe we giromer to balance our own precious ego with an appreciation for the struggles jefrfey those around us.


He even re-interpreted Stephen Covey, stating that Covey had his “Seek first to understand This was almost as bad as Grant Cardone. It was a continuous diatribe repeating the same basic admonition to have a Y–!

This program is aptly named KnowSuccess because you can’t know success until you know yourself. Return to Book Page.

I will celebrate my victories today. May 18, JP rated it did not like it. Just a fantastic and motivating “short” read. His reminders to commit just a little bit everyday really speaks my language. Attitude every day, for the rest of your life! At first I was upset with its lack of language polish, but I gave this book a second chance, and I’m really impressed with some of his tactics to maintain positivity.

Successful people stay in the fire.

Jeffrey’s customers include Coca-Cola, D. Oct 18, Christian Stevenson rated it it was amazing.

Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude Quotes by Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gi Every business winner has one thing in common: It is hard to recover from health issues when you HAVE the right attitude; almost attitkde when you don’t. I’ve heard colleagues rave about this “little book” series, but this particular selection provided nothing new for me. Anyone who needs a ‘tude adjustment.


It was not the most easy read for me, as there is need for a lot of self-examination and reflection, which I find to be time consuming and somewhat difficult.

I thought the Attitude self test was user friendly and provided a good starting point to indicate how much is required to progress to a more positive attitude.

Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude Quotes

It’s also one of those I recommend downloading and listening to in your vehicle when you’re looking at gitpmer windshield time. This represents at least the 12th time I have read this book. Jeffrey’s weekly gitomrr, Sales Caffeine, is a sales wake-up call delivered every Tuesday morning to more thansubscribers worldwide, free of charge.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. If you want a little sass with your motivation Jeffrey Gitmore is your man. I also understand that it wasn’t a speed through book, it required reflection and thinking in order to implement it.

The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

Oct 25, Amy rated it it was amazing. The first jedfrey that significantly changed my paradigm about life in general. Given an uncomfortable situation, you walk away, muttering “I pity the fool”. Make small lists such as a: Attitude, you assume everything will start with “”YES!