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JIS G 4801 PDF

JIS G is standard which specified the spring steel mainly used for the hot formed springs such as the laminated springs, coiled springs. The symbols which denote the degree of correspondence in the contents between the relevant International Standard and JIS are IDT (identical), MOD. See the chemical composition and physical properties of JIS G Grade SUP9A, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers.

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The temperature and time period of the oil-tempering treatment comprising an oil quenching step and a tempering treatment step should be set such that all spheroidal carbides are not dissolved, namely, the spheroidal carbides have a preferred area ratio.

Accordingly, knocking can be suppressed without needing such control as to delay ignition timing, keeping high thermal efficiency. Image analysis on an enlarged photomicrograph of this structure revealed that the spheroidal cementite had an average particle size of 0. The results are shown in Table 2.

Accordingly, the spheroidizing annealing is conducted preferably in place of the second patenting treatment. Japanese Office Action, dated Feb. Decarburization resistance is also good big cross section of various important spring, such as automobile, locomotive, large plate spring, spring, etc. The questions will be reply in 24 hours. Because the heat treatment temperature and time differ depending on the size of a heat treatment furnace and the cross section jks of items to be treated, they should be adjusted such that the spheroidal cementite has preferred particle size and area ratio.

Steel having good wear resistance.

The results jiis shown in Table 2 and FIG. In view of this, the temperature of ring grooves should be lowered by using high-thermal-conductivity compression rings. The Formation of Martensite. The spheroidal cementite preferably has an average particle size of 0. This appears to be due to influence by the surface roughness of the manganese phosphate coating. Wear resistant sintered member and production method therefor.

JIS G4801 Sup7 Spring Flat Steel

The facts that the amount of Si, a solution-strengthening element, is particularly smaller in SUP10 used in the present invention than in Si—Cr steel, and that spheroidal cementite is formed, appear to contribute to the improvement of thermal conductivity 401 reducing the solid solution of C. Because the compression ring of the present invention has both high thermal conductivity and high thermal sag resistance, even when used in a high-thermal-load environment such as high-compression-ratio engines, the ring can efficiently dissipate heat from a piston head to a cooled cylinder wall without losing a spring force.

  CFA AF9015A-N1 PDF

United States Patent The compression ring of the present invention has a composition comprising by mass 0. Steel is generally more inexpensive as the amounts of alloying elements are smaller. An object of the present invention is to provide a compression ring having excellent thermal conductivity and thermal sag resistance as mis as good price competitiveness, which can be used in a high-thermal-load environment in high-compression-ratio engines, and a method for producing such a compression ring.

Jiz above composition is basically a steel composition identified by the material number of SUP10 according to F Ghaving high jos conductivity because of a small total amount of alloying elements, though it comprises small amounts of Cr and V. Though the spheroidizing annealing may be conducted in place of the first patenting treatment for higher productivity, attention should be paid to provide the spheroidal cementite with particle sizes in a predetermined range.

Because spheroidal cementite having a predetermined particle size, which is formed y the spheroidizing annealing, is influenced by subsequent heat treatments and affects subsequent drawing, the spheroidizing annealing is preferably conducted immediately before the last oil-tempering treatment.

Thus, the compression ring of the present invention has a composition comprising by mass 0. Jie present invention relates to a piston ring for automobile engines, particularly to a compression ring used in a high-thermal-load environment in high-compression-ratio engines, and its production method.

Compression ring and its production method – KABUSHIKI KAISHA RIKEN

If the average particle size exceeds 1. Of course, a nitriding treatment is also usable. To this end, it jos most effective to dissipate the heat of pistons to cooled cylinder walls via compression rings. Because the thermal conductivity is mainly determined by the movement of free electrons in crystal grains of metals, higher thermal conductivity is obtained with fewer solid solution elements.


The test was conducted 5 times in each of Examples 1, 4 and 5, and Comparative Examples 1, 2 and 5, and the measured results were averaged. The number of cycles at that time was used to evaluate the life of the ring.


In this case, the spheroidizing annealing is inevitably a batch treatment. Thus, for the same compression rings, proper surface treatments may be selected depending on sliding mate members, use environment, etc.

When the microwelding occurs, the torque of a rotating shaft 2 changes, accompanied by temperature elevation. Namely, a peripheral surface of the compression ring was provided with a CrN coating by ion plating, and side surfaces of the compression ring were provided with a zinc phosphate coating Example 2 and a manganese phosphate coating Example 3.

The method of the present invention for producing a compression ring having a composition comprising by mass 0. Each wire of SUP10 steel rolled to 8 mm in diameter was formed into a rectangular cross-sectioned wire of 1.

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A higher thermal conductivity provided a higher thermal sag ratio in Comparative Examples 1, 2 and 5, but the thermal sag ratios of Examples 1 and 5 were lower than a line connecting three Comparative Examples, confirming that the thermal sag ratio decreased at the same thermal conductivity, namely improvement in the thermal sag resistance.

About 30 min per 25 mm of ruling section is to be provided and then the steels should be immediately quenched in oil. The extended European search report, dated Mar.

Process for the production of hardened parts of steel. Because the thermal conduction function is affected by ring substrates, the thermal conductivity of surface treatment layers, ring shapes, etc. In Example 3 with a manganese phosphate coating, the difference of a substrate did not change the microwelding resistance life. About Our Company Otai Special Steel was established in to provide a wide range of high quality steel to the global market.

Rolling element and method of producing the same. Alloying elements 1 and thermal conductivities of steels for piston rings.

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Thus, among the three basic functions of piston rings, a gas-sealing function, a thermal conduction function and an oil control function, the thermal conduction function is utilized.

We pride ourselves on our impeccable quality and service. The preferred average particle size is 0. Also, the temperature of ring grooves of an aluminum piston can be lowered, suppressing microwelding and wearing of the ring grooves.