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JIS G Hot-rolled mild steel plates, sheet and strip. SPHC max. max. max. max. min. 27min. 29min. 29min. 29min. 31min. 31min. Drawing. SPHD max. max. max. max. Code of type. Applicable thickness (mm). Applications. JIS G Hot-rolled soft steel sheet/strip. SPHC. or more, but no more than General use. SPHD.

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Scope The Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the hot-rolled mild steel plates, sheets and strip hereafter referred to as “steel sheet and coil” intended for general fabrication purposes and drawing. The portions with continuous sidelines or dotted underlines are the matters in which the content of the corresponding International Standard has g131 modified.

The roller does not only decrease the thickness of the sheets but also changes the grain structure of the steels. Report The manufacturer shall submit to the purchaser a report in accordance with the requirements of 8.

Shape, dimensions, mass and tolerances The shape, dimensions, mass and their tolerances of the steel and f3131 shall conform to JIS G With this, respect, tolerances on length for the steel sheet and those on width for the cut edged steel sheet shall, unless otherwise specified, be in accordance with the tolerance A, and tolerances on thickness for the steel sheet and coil shall be as specified in Table 4.

A lot consist of 50 t or less of sheet jks the same designation rolled to the same thickness and condition.


The standards cited in this Standard jid given in Attached Table 1. The relationship between each elongation value and the conversion factor is as follows: With this respects, the sampling method of specimen shall conform to Class A, and the number of test pieces and the sampling position shall be as following: Marking of seven items is specified. Consequently JIS G Alters the specification content s which are included in International Standard. For the steel sheet and strip under 40 mm in width, measurement shall be made at the mid-width thereof.


Report in JIS G when required by the purchaser in advance. Tensile test method is specified. Attention is drawn to the possibility that some parts of this Standard may conflict with a patent right, application for a patent after opening to the public, utility model right or application for registration of utility model after opening to the public which have technical properties.

When a material nis is specified as hot rolled steel, it means it has been subjected to a manipulative process of hot rolling in which a metal bar is passed g311 high tension rollers above the re-crystallization temperature of the input metallic material. Please read article completely.

Chemical composition The chemical composition cast analysis shall not exceed the value given in Annex Table 1. Chemical composition of Deletion four elements C, Mn, P, S and additional alloy elements are specified.

In the case, the report shall be in accordance with the requirements of clause 13 in JIS G For the steel sheet and coil under 40 mm in width, measurement shall be made at the mid-width thereof.


Analytical test is b3131. Marking The steel sheet and coil having passed the inspection shall be marked with the following details for each bundle by suitable means. Small cracks on the edges of test piece, and cracks not visible to the naked eye shall be disregarded.

The mechanical properties shall conform to the requirements specified in clause 5.

JIS G Hot-roll mild steel plaates,sheet and strip_图文_百度文库

Tolerances on thickness Thickness Width Up to and excl. In JIS, a part of items are deleted. In JIS there is no description of the inside diameter and the maximum jiis diameter of the coil.

A part of the corresponding International Standard listed in this Standard is given in the Annex.

JIS G 3131 – 2010

Norma ti ve references The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this Standard. The corresponding International Standard of this Standard is given in the following: Actually when there is elongation factor in the steel jix in the case of SPHC steel, there is a difference in yield and tensile strength.

Inspection observed by the purchaser is deleted in JIS.

However, JIS G The order number is a matter of contract and is deleted. The minimum percentage ranges for elongation is from 27 to 31 percent starting from 1. Therefore we cannot say that yield and UTS jiis close, when steel is not absolutely brittle.