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TP05GMP CLONEABLE GENERAL MOTORS JMA TRANSPONDER KEY BLANK (B97PT5 CLONEABLE). Our Price: $ BUY 5 AND SAVE 7%!. The incorporation of electronic devices known as transponders (Link to what a transponder is) into keys is widespread in almost all vehicles. JMA has a. JMA has a Department of Electronics focused specifically on transponder technology that positions our company as a leader in this field. Our authority in this.

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Easier and cheaper duplicating. General Adapters Clamps Cutters and Tracers Versions Descargas Image zoom Electronically controlled key cutting machine for cutting security, car and special keys by code.

JMA Transponder Cloning System

In the specific case of automobiles, the transponder is the device used for identification or acceptance of a key 1which is fed directly from the antenna that is the starter motor 3and which sends its code to the Immobilizer 2.

JMA transpondwr a full range of plastic and metal head keys for automotive and motorcycle applications. More powerful trandponder machining motor. Prepare de remote Send information from original remote to new device. The electromagnetic field powers the Transponder in the key jms. Curved frontal in PVC incorporating lightning plate. JMA started the revolution launching a transponder TPX1 onto the market which can avoid the use of electronic circuits and batteries, by using the reference keys with which the client normally works for transponder keys.


Various guards cover all of the machine’s moving parts to provide security to the user during use. In recent times, automobile manufacturers use more complicated Encrypted Transponder Systems.


Quick clamping system with a fixed clamp. In automotive applications, transponders have been embedded in the head of the key.

The X-Code, meets the standards required by the European Community CE and provides the user maximum operational safety. Free software updates keep your machine up to date and cloning the latest technologies.

JMA Products

Cloneable Transpondershave no code written on them. Single patented clamp to enable dimple keys, inclined dimples, tubular and Fichet keys to be cut without the need for another clamp.

The new K-Prox key duplicator allows you to copy contactless keys in three simple steps. These Systems, use a Tfansponder and Response functionality to calculate the code sent to the vehicle computer.

General Image zoom We expanded our range of compatible controls for overhead doors and Transpnoder gates with our new M Series of remote controls.

Copy 4 original remotes into one JMA remote. Produced by high quality material and meticulously crafted.

jma transponder key

Every time there is an attempt to start the car, the computer will expect the new code. Optional tubular key adapter sold separately. General Image zoom Colormatic keys are transparent color plastic headed keys.


Reads and cuts the key tgansponder, decoding the key, with direct reading of the actual heights of the key, while displaying them on the screen. Every shipping ,we will package with bubble to wrap valuables, then put into cartons. Standard clamp for Xcode M2.

General Video Descargas Image zoom Keyless without chip. In order for the car to start, the code on the key must match the code on the car.

Some of these transponders can be cloned with the TRS machine. In these systems, the vehicle detects the presence of the Transponder within close range and automatically unlocks the vehicle and allows for push button entry without the use of a mechanical key. If you continue navigating, we consider you accept their usage.

Teansponder JMA Line of keys includes an ever growing number of residential, commercial and automotive key blanks. It incorporates an LED lighting system and switches itself off when it has not been used for some time. Innovative technologies and latest generation materials make this copying machine resistant and precise. General Descargas Image zoom Special machine for code cutting Abloy keys.