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ABSTRACT: A modified version of Capian’s Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) was administered to male and 56 female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were. For many people, the workplace is becoming more and more stressful. The Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) has been designed to assess relative levels and. ABSTRACT: A modified version of Caplan’s Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) was administered to male and 56 female entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were.

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This study measured the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational climate on a uob sample, and the reported incidence of stress -related illnesses as a moderator of the climate- job satisfaction relationship.

job stress questionnaire: Topics by

High inter-group conflict and role ambiguity, as well as low social support from supervisors and the presence of depressive symptoms, uob influence the development of PTSD among Japanese firefighters. The variety of emotions required VER was not significantly msq to job satisfaction; frequency and duration of interaction FDI and negatively related to job satisfaction; and job satisfaction significantly and positively correlated with organizational commitment.

Job stress and productivity increase. A correlational study was conducted with nurses from four hospitals in Kampala, Uganda. The job satisfaction, occupational stressors, strains, personalities, meeting strategy and social support were measured using occupational jkb instruments, job content questionnaire and effort-reward imbalance questionnaire.

Factors independently associated with psychological morbidity included lower income, more nights on call per month, working in enterprise-owned hospitals, burnout, high levels of job stressand low levels of job satisfaction.

Development of a Short Version of the New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire

The UK Health and Safety Executive Organization item questionnaire for assessment of occupational stress was used to determine job stress among the studied employees.

In order to investigate the correlation between job stress reactions indicated by the questionnaires and the results of the blood tests, we srress Pearson’s correlation coefficient and partial correlation coefficient for which other affected items were controlled.


The criteria were established based on expert consensus, and criterion ii was included because the program is aimed at improving the psychosocial work environment and reducing psychosocial stress among the high-stress workers. Responses are analyzed using descriptive statistics, a factorial analysis of variance, and coefficients of determination.

This study was carried out to investigate the job stressjob satisfaction, and workforce productivity levels, to examine the effects of job stress and job satisfaction on workforce productivity, and to identify factors associated with productivity decrement among employees of an Iranian petrochemical industry.

We need further research about the effective intervention to help employees better cope with their job stress.

The scores for stress reaction and job stressor ranged from 11 to 44 and 12 to 48, respectively. This consequently affects how a person would normally deal with customer service problems, grievances, violence, conflict, and decisions on the job. Job demand-control and job stress at work: Methods To develop an Excel-based self-evaluation diagnostic system for consultation to experts to make job strain assessment easier and quicker than ever, Rasch rating scale model was used to analyze data from 1, hospital employees who enrolled in for a job strain survey.

Job satisfaction, job stress and psychosomatic health problems in software professionals in India. The item scores are summed to calculate a total score range: The job stress scores for the endoscopy unit workers Data of 16 items from 57 items graded on a four-point Likert-type scale to measure the job stressors, psycho-physical complaints and support for workers, job overload six itemsjob control three itemssupport six items and job satisfaction score one item were selected for the analysis.

Few empirical studies have investigated job stresscoping and health perceptions of nurses working in primary care settings. A universal sample of 30 white-collar workers from a department of the company self-administered the English version of the JCQ comprising 21 core items selected from the full recommended version of 49 items on-site.


Working conditions, job securities, workloads had direct effect on job questionnairs while, workloads had indirect effect as well.

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This small, cross-sectional study assessed the reliability of 3 scales from the Job Content Questionnaire JCQ -decision latitude, psychological job demand, and social support-in a group of office workers in a multinational company in Kuala Lumpur. The questionnaire was adapted from one previously used in Northern Ireland.

Assuming that sensitivity and specificity are of equal importance, the Youden index indicates questionnnaire optimum cutoff point as a linear function of sensitivity and specificity 7. Reproducibility interclass correlation coefficients for the “effort”, “‘reward”, and “‘overcommitment”‘ dimensions of the scale was estimated at 0. A cross-sectional study of healthcare staff working in two rehabilitation units was conducted.

The strategies to decrease stress relating to work load, role conflict, family factors, and working environment should be focused and implemented urgently to lower the turnover rate of health care workers in rural Taiwan.

A regression approach was used to predict job satisfaction, stress and depression from job characteristics. Corrected item-total correlation was presented for each and every item. Moreover, in accordance with Karasek’s interaction hypothesis, job control buffered the positive relation between quantitative workload and job dissatisfaction.

Internal consistency Cronbach’s alpha estimates for these same dimensions were 0. On the other hand, gender, smoking, and working hour were not independently correlated with depression, but the interaction of gender and job control also had an independent effect on depression.